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Thursday, June 11, 2015


One of Noah's (and my) best buds is moving next week.  We met Quinn (and his mom Nicole) at the beginning of 2014 when we lived in the same apartment.  We would have impromptu play dates at each other's apartments and go for many walks around town.  Thankfully, we were able to maintain our friendship (and playdates) even when we moved 20 minutes away.  We would go out for lunch after music class, meet up at the mall, and we'd have them over to the new house for play dates.  Noah and Quinn's 11 month age difference became less obvious as they got older.  Quinn was an early walker and talker and can keep up with Noah with ease.  They have so much fun together!  Unfortunately, they will be moving a few hours away, so our weekly get togethers will be ending.  I'm sure Noah and Quinn will miss getting together, but I think it will be me who misses Nicole's friendship the most.  Thank goodness for social media, texting, and hopefully many weekend visits!  Here are some of my favorite pictures of Noah and Quinn...

^^^ yesterday at the pool

^^^ just one year before at the same pool

^^^ we often went for Happy Meals after music class

^^^ Quinn loved playing with Noah's larger toys once we had a house with more space!

^^^ riding the ice cream truck at the mall

^^^ diggers, sand, and the water table... so much fun!


  1. When moving away from TX, explaining to Connor why he couldn't see his best friends John Tyler and Dyllan was so hard. He still asks about them. I wish we weren't so far away.

    Think of all that fun you can have in a new place 2 hours away!

  2. Moving can suck for that reason. Looks like they were great friends!

  3. Oh my gosh, seriously the sweetest! I hope you guys can keep up your friendship and play dates even though you will be further part now. They are so cute together!


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