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Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday

Noah and I had a good week.  It was a good combination of going out as well as just playing at home.  We went to the library, Target, the doctor, and had a play date with a friend.  While it's nice to get out, I especially liked that we kept our afternoons free so that we could play, read books, and be lazy too :)    Chris took the day off today and we are heading into NYC for the day.  Originally we had planned to go yesterday, but with the rain in the forecast, we decided to push it back one day.  The plan is to walk the high line, stop by Chris' office to say hi to everyone, and then take the subway for Noah's first visit to Brooklyn. I'll be sure to share way too many pictures next week ;)  In the meantime, here's my "five" for the week...


I think we have a problem...

Noah has inherited my LOVE of ice cream and wants it all the time!  I know that with it being summer, there are more opportunities for it, but it's gotten a little out of control.  There's really not even a reason to keep it in the house (even though we do) since we often go out for a McDonald's ice cream cone or for some frozen yogurt!


We decorated Noah's big boy room when we moved in last summer, even though Noah still had a nursery as well.  All of Noah's clothes and diaper stuff was in the nursery.  I rocked him there and he started off the night and napped in his crib.  He would always end up in his big boy bed in the middle of the night, but I still considered his nursery "his room".  But for the last few weeks, he's been anti crib and falls asleep in his big boy bed for both nap and bedtime (and I co-sleep with him).  Since he's  not sleeping in his nursery at all anymore, I decided it was time to move all his "stuff" into his new room.   So far it's really working out nicely and we are keeping some out of season clothes in the dresser in his nursery.  


Noah needed to get a physical in order to start pre-school this fall.  Technically my doctor doesn't require a 2 1/2 year old check up, but this visit is kind of in place of that.  While we often weigh and measure Noah at home, we got the official stats this week.  Noah weighs 35 lbs 3 oz and is 38 inches tall.  It was also nice to talk to the doctor about potty training, sleeping, and picky eating.  It's nice to know I'm doing some things right ;)


As I mentioned last week, Noah goes through different phases.  For the longest time, Noah only wanted to wear elastic waist pants and t-shirts (and preferred the graphic ones).  He would be very opinionated and tell me no when I would suggest he wore "real shorts" and a polo.  But this past weekend, he was open to it and he wore cargo shorts and polos to the carnival and to dinner on Sunday night.  But what shocked me even more was that when Monday came and I asked him to pick a t-shirt out from his dresser.   He said no, and went to his closet and wanted to wear a polo!  He did this on Tuesday as well, even though we didn't really have any real plans.  He's looking super cute all "dressed up", but I feel like it's a waste for him to wear his "nicer" outfits during the week when all we are doing is hanging around the house or getting dirty outside ;)  If this trend continues, we may have to buy a few more polos!


Here's one of Chris' favorite photos on Noah and him.  It's from last year's Father's Day.  You can read all about it here and the gifts we gave Chris and the grandpas.    This weekend we will be celebrating with my dad on Saturday and Chris' dad on Sunday.  We of course will make sure Chris feels extra special all weekend long!

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  1. Love that picture of your husband & son! Soo cute! Hope you all have a great time in NYC!

  2. That picture of Noah with his ice cream is too cute! I feel like that's what Mason's face looks like too and I just love it because you can tell they are truly enjoying their ice cream!


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