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Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  We had quite a bit of rain this week.  You'd think the extra water would be helping my flowers, but instead they've pounded them pretty hard and no longer look very pretty :(  My grass on the other hand is loving it and has never looked greener!  With the rain came some cooler temps.  I'm hoping next week starts to feel more like June again!  Hope you enjoy my Friday Five and have a fantastic weekend!


Over the weekend, we took Noah to his last Open Gym at Gymboree.  But since our membership technically wasn't over until June 2nd, Noah and I went to our last official class on Monday.  While Noah still loves Gymboree, we decided to end it now since summer will be busy and Noah will be starting preschool this fall.  We ended on a high note with the class being all about construction... they got hard hats and pretended to fix a leaky roof with a "hammer".  


Earlier this week, I shared this photo of Noah and me waiting in the car for the library to open.  Not only did we have fun taking sunglass selfies, but Noah also enjoyed pushing every button in the car.  He was pretty excited when he figured out how to open the sun roof all on his own!


This year, we've been trying to cook more and eat out less.  This past month we ate out more than we should have, so this week I've been making an effort to cook more dinners.  A friend gave me this recipe, and I loved it right away, but all the chopping and dicing was rather annoying.  Then I found this amazing device and it literally cut the prep time down to 5 minutes tops!  Now this dinner is both yummy and easy to make!


If you based my age on my tastes in TV, books, and music, you'd think I was still a teenager!  I read books like the Divergent Series and Harry Potter, listen to Taylor Swift, and LOVE Pretty Little Liars!  I was so excited for the summer premiere this week and it definitely didn't disappoint.  I'm so excited for this season!


Earlier this week, I decided to go through my kitchen/craft closet.  It was getting a little disorganized and needing some major purging.  While I had everything out on the counters, Noah found this stamp set that he got as a birthday gift and immediately wanted to play with them.  Originally he thought you needed to smack the stamp down on the paper, so it took a few demonstrations and reminders that you put it down gently and just hold it on the paper to get the best results.  I now want to get a few more ink pad colors :)

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  1. awhhhh noah is so cute! sunglasses selfies are a must always :) and the 5th season of PLL is finally on Netflix!!!! ahhh!!!! glad I found your cute blog!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  2. Stopping by from the link-up! That recipe looks delicious! I love my 'chop block' and now I have another great reason to use it. Thanks.

  3. Since I've been on the couch a bit more on the weekends just snuggling & nursing Finn, I finally got caught up on PLL!!! I love it, even though Conor makes fun of me so bad if he catches me watching it!

  4. Connor doesn't understand why Mommy's car doesn't have a "top" window like Daddy's and often tells me to take my car to the doctor so they can give me a "top" window!


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