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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Favorite Apps for Toddlers | It's The Little Things

Noah got an iPad mini from my parents for Christmas.  I am not one of those parents who freaks out about him watching TV or playing on his iPad.  While I prefer it to be in moderation, I know that in the winter we have more screen time since we are stuck inside a lot, while in the summer we naturally are playing outside more.  I do my best not to freak out in the winter since I know it's just a "season" that will pass.  

Most often, Noah uses his iPad first thing in the morning so that I can wake up slowly and while I blow dry my hair and get ready.  Sometimes he will watch a TV show, home videos, or YouTube clips, but often he will play with these apps.  Chris found them all and they are equally entertaining as they are educational.  For example, Noah learned the concept of jigsaw puzzles by doing them on the iPad and also got better at his animal names and sounds by doing the Toddler Puzzle Zoo and I Hear Ewe apps.  

Here is a full list of Noah's favorite apps at the moment...

Toddler Puzzle Zoo is an educational, puzzle game for kids and toddlers.  Noah loves doing the puzzles of each of the animals.  Once you complete the puzzle, it says the name of the animal.  Then you can make a picture using "stamps" of the animals and at the end they all dance to some fun music.  He plays with this app most often with me.  

Features puzzles, coloring pages, and matching games. 

Animated jigsaw puzzles that come to life once they're completed.

Has cartoon pictures and speaks the word so the toddler can repeat it.  They do single words to phrases and will even spell the word for the child.  

Features animal videos and let's you wash the animals and play with "stickers".

Join Zack and the Chuggineers in this virtual train set for preschoolers. Use traintastic tools to fix tracks, repair bridges, drill tunnels, and more! Help fix problems with the Chuggineer team and earn new items to build your own Chuggington world. 

Use different vehicles to help complete different tasks.

Interactive app where tons of animals are displayed, and when they're selected, they make their sounds.  They also do sounds of vehicles as well.  

What are some of your child's favorite apps?  

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  1. oooh I've got to get on this!! We love cake shop!

  2. I am pinning this for the future! Thanks for doing the legwork!

  3. I'm going to check some of these out for Connor. i don't think we have but a handful on my phone because I don't let him play it and my husbands iPad is for work only (but seriously? He can play a game on it!).


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