The Adventure Starts Here: Father's Day Weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Weekend!

This past weekend was all about the dads in our life.  It was Chris' 3rd Father's Day and we were also able to celebrate with both of our families.  We kept the gifts pretty simple this year, since Chris hopes to participate in his company's golf outing as well as go to a baseball game later this summer.  So we just got him some cards, a balloon, and a personalized t-shirt :)

On Saturday evening, my parents came over for dinner.  We had hoped to do a BBQ out on our back deck, but since it had been raining on and off all day and was still cloudy, we opted to eat inside.  We still had the usual barbecue food and I'm so glad that it wasn't raining when Chris was actually grilling :)   We got both the grandpas a personalized t-shirt (like we got Chris) and a picture frame.  Noah basically opened the gifts for everyone this year ;)

Noah loves to help in the kitchen! He did a great job making the dip with Grandma.  Since Noah isn't a fan of burgers or hot dogs, I made him a hard boiled egg and made sure to have lots of corn on the cob for him.  

While most get togethers revolve around food, Noah gets bored with that quickly.  He instead wanted to play with Grandma & Papa.  They did puzzles, played cars, grocery store, and restaurant with all of his little stuffed animal friends.  

And since Noah loves cake and candles, we had to continue on with our tradition of singing at EVERY holiday.  Though I think we've decided we should practice ahead of time or at least agree on the words before we start singing ;)  Chris was so excited that Noah actually blew out the three candles all by himself... it was his first time!  He will be a pro by his 3rd birthday!

On Sunday, we got together with Chris' parents and brother.  We stopped by the house to give Granddad his gift and to get some pictures and play before heading out for lunch.  We were pleased to be able to enjoy lunch outside after expecting it to pour all day.  The forecast literally changed the day before into a sunny hot day!

We hope you all had a great Father's Day just like we did!  And if you want, you can read all about how we spent Father's Day in 2014 and 2013.  


  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!! I love the personalized shirts! So cute!

  2. Those shirts are such a good idea!! Love!

  3. Those shirts are a great idea!! Although, Mason is not the first grandkid on both sides so I'm not sure it would work for us, but still, love it!


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