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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Father's Day Guest Post | It's The Little Things

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, I asked Chris to do a guest post.  He is a fantastic father who is super fun and hands on.  He is not only great at playing with Noah and making him laugh, but he is always willing and happy to help me in any way.  Here's what Chris had to say about being a dad...

all photos are by Kristen Boylan Photography

Approximately three years ago, in 2012, we got some of the best news of my lifetime.   We found out Meghan was pregnant and one of my dreams was going to come true, I was going to be a father.   For weeks, I couldn't stop thinking about the gender of the baby and if the baby was healthy.   Eventually, we found out that we did have a very healthy baby (we heard the term "amazing heartbeat" about 50 times!) and we also found out it was going to be a boy!   Weeks later, reality sunk in.......I was going to be a father, but I had never even changed a diaper!   Thankfully in the weeks leading up to the birth, I did some online research and learned as much as I could about diapers, burping, swaddling, etc.   

On November 2nd, 2012, Noah came into this world, and I became a father.   Hearing his cry as soon as he made an appearance was the greatest sound I've ever heard in my lifetime.   Sometimes I close my eyes and think back to that day.   The first few weeks we had Noah at home, I tried to savor every moment.    Just having him laying on me and feeding him was such a cool feeling.   I looked forward to weekends more than ever because then I'd be able to be around him and Meghan 24/7 instead of being gone most of the day during the week.   I used to love feeding him airplane style and doing all other silly things to make him laugh.    I discovered new things each and every week.   Once I discovered that he loved watching me build towers and then knock them down, that's all I'd do!   Once I realized he liked tents and having a sheet pulled over our heads, I'd do that all the time too.   

As each week and month passes, I continue to try to find new and fun things to both entertain Noah and also allow me to act like a kid, which is such a refreshing feeling.   Looking at some pictures recently of us holding hands walking somewhere or playing trains, play doh, cars, and dinosaurs makes me realize how lucky I am each day.   Coming home from work, no matter how good or bad of a day that I had, hearing "Hi Dada!" as soon as I walk through the door is the best feeling ever.   I hope, over the years, to continue to be a major part in this boy's life and also sit back and watch him mature into a perfect gentleman.    He brings such joy and pleasure to our lives, I couldn't imagine not having him as a part of our little family.

I personally loved hearing Chris talk about how much he loves being a dad.  I had no clue he was researching online how to change a diaper or swaddle a baby!  I guess that's why he was a natural from day one ;)  

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  1. I love this! What a special idea! Chris seems like the best father and the perfect dad for Noah! You can truly see the love he has for him in the pictures.

  2. These pictures are beautiful!!! I think almost every dad I know takes such pride in being the master swaddler! ;) love that he admits looking for new ways to act like a kid again with Noah! So sweet!!

  3. I love this post! Your husband sounds like such an amazing daddy to Noah! It's so fun to watch a dad interact with their little one.

  4. Such a wonderfully sweet post!! Oh how I love this!
    And just a fun fact: the day Noah was born, I was being discharged from the hospital and was able to finally celebrate my 30th birthday and I ate so much Olive Garden that I got physically ill.

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  6. Love everything about this post! Chris is such an awesome daddy! Love seeing him in action! I think Chris forgot to mention that he was also researching the best deals on diapers and wipes! ;) Just saying! That's my kind of daddy! :)


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