The Adventure Starts Here: Spring Crafts - Butterflies and Bees

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring Crafts - Butterflies and Bees

I'm always looking for some cute and fun crafts to do with Noah.  They have to be pretty easy and not so specific so that Noah can add his own creative touch to it ;)  I found this butterfly and bee craft on Pinterest and immediately knew I wanted to try them out!  I have a welcome sign with a wooden bee and butterfly hanging from it and he loves pointing to it whenever we walk down the stairs.  He has even started calling every bug he sees a bee :)

I cut out all the shapes that Noah would need to make the bee.  I used a salad plate to trace the body, a lysol wipes container for the head, and "free handed" the rest.

Noah loves using the glue stick, so he was eager to begin!  While I like to let Noah be creative with these art projects, we used this as a learning experience as well.  I asked him where his head was, and then suggested that a bee's head would be on top of the body as well.  Same thing with the wings... Noah pretended to flap his arms, so we put the wings on the side of the body like Noah's arms are ;)  As for the stripes, he put glue all over the body and then placed them wherever he wanted.  He needed a little help with the the eyes and antennae (because they were smaller) and also needed a few stripes trimmed because Noah didn't like the hanging off the bee.  It was a quick but fun craft.  And since I had all the supplies at home (just colored card stock and some googly eyes) it was super easy!

For the butterfly craft, you need some contact paper, a bunch of colored tissue paper squares, some card stock for the body, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners for the antennae.  Check out the Pinterest link above if you need more detailed instructions.  We had the tissue paper squares from all of our past stained glass projects, so if you don't already have that supply, this would be the most time consuming part.  Other than that it's super simple and Noah had so much fun!  

As with most of our other crafts, he wanted me to do it with him.  So i worked on the right wing and he worked on the left wing.  While they turned out differently, I really love how they both look!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Such an easy and fun idea. Great activity for his age!


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