The Adventure Starts Here: Our Weekend | Trucks, Sand, and Horses!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Weekend | Trucks, Sand, and Horses!

 In addition to celebrating Noah's Half Birthday this weekend, we did a lot of fun activities with him! Something that Chris has been looking forward to for a while was the Touch A Truck event we went to on Sunday.  My MOMS Club had done two truck events in the past, but we weren't able to go to either because of prior commitments.  When I heard about this one that was only 10 minutes from our house, we knew we HAD to go!  It was a great morning... high 70s, sunny, and we got there right when it started. The only bummer was that Chris thought there would be diggers there (since all the other ones in New Jersey that he looked up had them) and he had been talking it up to Noah all weekend.  While Noah didn't know the difference, Chris was disappointed for him!

Even though there weren't any diggers, there were plenty of other trucks and activities there.  I think the highlights for Noah was the fire truck hose, the train, getting two tattoos, and sitting in the school bus!  You could even go up in the crane like thing of a tree truck, but we knew Noah would freak out if we even tried... heck, that would freak me out!

While we only stayed about an hour, it was a really fun morning.  They also had a bounce house and carnival rides set up, but they were meant for older kids.  I can see this being the kind of thing that Noah enjoys more and more every year as he gets a little bit older.  

In addition to the Touch A Truck, we also set up Noah's sand table this weekend (as you may have seen on my Instagram).  The table is technically a sand and water table, and last year we only filled it with water.  Since the weather isn't warm enough yet for water, we decided to fill it with sand for right now.  He loved the sand box at Port Discovery in Baltimore, so we knew it would be a hit.  I would never put both sand and water in it at the same time, because that's just asking for a mess!  The boys had so much fun... Chris would hid his little toy diggers in the sand and then Noah would have to find them!

sand/water table

Chris watches the Kentucky Derby every year.  He wasn't too optimistic about his interest in it, but he wanted Noah to watch it with him.  After dinner, we put it on (we recorded it) and started showing Noah all the horses.  Noah was fascinated by the whole thing.  He loved watching all the horses come in as they were announced and got really excited when the jockeys "waved to him".  Number 18 "waved at him" three times so we were super excited when he won!   Not only was Noah into it then, but he has asked to watch it at least 5 times since... that night after dinner and again Sunday morning!  He asks for "horses" and "hi" (for the waving).  This seriously made Chris' day!  

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! That event is SO cool! Mason would die! He was in awe when we had a digger on our street for some construction but he would be in HEAVEN to sit in one!


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