The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's Favorite Things: 2 1/2 years old

Monday, May 18, 2015

Noah's Favorite Things: 2 1/2 years old

Play-Doh | Dragons Love Tacos
Step Stool | Puzzles | Lego train

2 1/2 is a really fun age in my opinion.  Sure, there have been some moments were Noah and I don't necessarily agree, but that's just because he's forming his own opinions.  He loves to play pretend and make up little scenarios, like having a picnic with his stuffed animals or playing grocery store.  He also loves to copy me, like cutting his play food up while I make muffins or dinner.  The step stool comes in handy so that he can be right up at the counter helping me.  Sometimes it's annoying how he drags it around and is always at my feet, but I like that it makes him a little more independent as well.

He is pretty creative and loves to do Play-Doh and other arts and crafts.  He is obsessed with trains, trucks, airplanes, and construction vehicles.  He has many train sets and likes to build trains (and other things) using his Legos.  It's so fun to watch his brain work as he makes things with his Legos as well as when he works on puzzles.  His interests served us well over a long cold winter, since a lot of the activities he enjoys doing can easily be done inside.

But now that the weather is getting nicer, he LOVES to be outside.  He likes playing in his sand table (that we will later switch to water) and loves it when Chris hides all of the construction trucks for him to then find!  We've also planted a bunch of flowers recently and his Nonna & Granddad got him this Mickey Mouse watering can.  Every day, he is so excited to fill Mickey up and go water all the plants!

Was there one toy or thing that your 2 1/2 year old was obsessed with?


  1. Yes yes yes! All of these. We have each of these, in some form or fashion. Connor plays with Play Dough on a daily basis. It's insane how much he loves the stuff. The only thing we are missing is the Mickey watering can and while it's totally worth getting because it's adorable... Connor's Mom doesn't have anything worth watering ;)

  2. Such fun things! One of my mom fails is play-doh... I kinda hate it, plus I'm just no good at it! But Conor just built Liam a sandbox and that is all Liam wants to play with right now!

  3. I just got the water/sand table and my little one loves it :) Best purchase


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