The Adventure Starts Here: Kitchen Reveal

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kitchen Reveal

It's been a while since I did a room reveal.  Today I'm sharing our kitchen with you...

When we were looking at houses last year, we knew that we would probably not get the kitchen of our dreams for our budget.  Most of the houses we were looking at were built in the late 80s early 90s and had original kitchens in them.  While we would have loved a brand new kitchen, we knew we'd have to be open to the idea of renovating the kitchen down the line.  So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised shocked we were to find this kitchen in a house built in 1987 and in our price range!  

^^^ I love the gas range and the drawers underneath to store all my pots and pans!

The previous owner had recently redone the kitchen, including knocking down 2 walls (and relocating some air ducts) in order to make the kitchen open to the dining room.  We are so glad they did this because it makes the room (and entire house) feel so much larger and more open.  And the amount of light that comes in is amazing!  

This kitchen has so much storage!  In addition to plenty of cabinets, there's a good size pantry and a walk in closet just around the corner.  We keep the majority of our food in this pantry, and Noah loves hanging his art work on the doors for everyone to see.  The kitchen closet houses a bunch of random stuff... we keep my baking supplies, the vacuum, and Noah's art supplies in there.  

I have started to pick up fresh flowers each week at our grocery store.  In the apartment, we barely had any counter space so flowers didn't make the cut.  But now that we have the room, I love having fresh flowers out to enjoy.  

Not only were we happy that this house had a new kitchen, but if we had needed to redo a kitchen, this is what we would have chosen ourselves... how lucky are we!  I always wanted white kitchen cabinets and Chris always wanted dark countertops.  And considering my love affair with gray, the gray tile backsplash is just perfect!  

While the butcher block island is not secured to the floor, we were thrilled to find out that the previous owner was leaving it with the kitchen (since it matches the cabinets perfectly).  They also sold us the bar stools (from Restoration Hardware) for a fair price.  It was nice to have a completed kitchen as soon as we moved in :)  The only thing we added were the Ikea prints and frames and the baskets (from World Market) under the butcher block island.  We keep reusable shopping bags in one of the baskets and some kitchen related toys for Noah in the other.  

I wish I could say that our kitchen is always this clean, but we truly struggle to keep the countertops free of clutter.  I'm hoping we can keep it like this for a few days at least!


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm in love! This space is beautiful. I love how you incorporated the cute artwork! Beautiful!

  2. That is seriously my dream kitchen!! So airy and soooo much storage! I'm insanely jealous over here in my teeny, tiny kitchen!

  3. That kitchen alone would have sold me on the house! Love it :) SO beautiful!

  4. I have total kitchen envy! It is so beautiful! I love the white, the hardware, the fridge, the built in oven. Yup, everything!

  5. I pick flowers up for myself each week.. it's like if I can survive the grocery with Connor, I deserve a treat!

  6. Beautiful kitchen! I love how bright & airey it is. We have an all white kitchen, and while I love it, it doesn't get much natural light which is such a bummer!

  7. I love everything about your kitchen! The back splash, the huge island, how bright and airy it is! Seriously. Gorgeous. I also love how clean and organized it is. Please tell me it's not like that all the time =P

  8. You have a beautiful kitchen! And it's the perfect size for all things kitchen related! Love everything about it! Maybe one day I can have a kitchen as nice as this one? :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Meghan!! Finally trying to catch up.. :)
    Love your kitchen!! I especially like the butcher block 'island', I think it's fun to do a contrasting countertop like that. Very clean lines and simple, looks great. Do you have any issues with the layout, as far as the ovens being on the other side?

  10. Butcher block has my heart, your island is everything. Love the bright white played against the dark granite.


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