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Friday, May 29, 2015

Five on Friday

I can't believe May is basically over!  Why do the summer months have to go by so quickly when January and February drag on and on?!?  We have a few fun things planned this weekend and Chris should even be home early tonight... yay!!!  Have a great Friday and weekend!  Here's my usual Five on Friday :)


Noah got his first Build-A-Bear last December.  We had just had some cousin pictures taken, and since they all did so well, my mom took them all to pick out a bear and outfit.  Noah loves his monkey, but he's looking a little odd now wearing his super winter outfit.  My mom told Noah that we need to take him shopping for some summer appropriate clothes ;)  We finally went this week, and this is what Noah picked out...


Noah has improved a lot in swim class this past month.  There are only 2 more classes left until we are off for the summer.  Thankfully we have a pool in the neighborhood so Noah can keep practicing his new skills.  Last year, we used this puddle jumper, and while it's great, Noah doesn't have to do any work to stay afloat.  And since the objective is to have Noah learn how to swim, I wanted to get the swim belt that he uses in actual swim class.  Amazon to the rescue... we now own our very own Instructional Swim Belt!


When we were at the playground last weekend, we noticed some kids playing catch with these velcro frog mittens.  Chris immediately looked them up on Amazon, and shocker, Melissa and Doug made them.  Man that company is genius (and must be loaded)!  Chris ordered them right away and were delivered by Memorial Day (I love Amazon Prime)!  Noah loved playing with them and we hope that it helps with his catching skills.


My mom is an activity leader at her church for the kids.  She comes up with these really fun activities and sometimes she will do them with Noah too.  This week, she did a "Dinosaur Garden" with Noah. With the girls, she does fairy gardens, but she got Noah more "boy" items to place in his garden.  It's pretty simple... just get a flower pot and some flowers and then decorate or accessorize with dinosaurs and other fun toys.  The idea is that the fairies, or dinosaurs, live in the flower pot.  Even though the kids my mom does this with are quite a bit older, Noah had so much fun!  We went with my parents to pick out the flowers.  Noah was very specific wanting yellow and purple flowers (his and my favorite color).  While he didn't want to touch the dirt to plant the flowers, he was very interested in filling it with the toys and very specific as to which ones would make the cut.  Both my mom and dad would make suggestions as to what to put in and he often told them no or simply removed it from the pot.


We bought this sand/water table last summer and Noah loves it!  Last year we used it strictly as a water table.  This spring we decided to fill it with sand, with the intention of switching it to water when it got warmer.  But then we found that Noah loved the sand, so instead we bought a second (smaller and cheaper) water table so we can have both set up all summer.  It came this week and one of Noah's friends came over yesterday and they played with it for the first time.  

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  1. Love the water table idea!!! And the build a bear, we have been wanting to do that!!! Happy weekend!

  2. Good call on putting only sand or water in the table, we did both and I instantly regretted that decision!! LOL I love Noah's monkey's new outfit, so cool! :)

  3. I have never seen a water/sand table in real life. But based on everything I read on blogs, they seem like so much fun!

  4. I have yet to take Liam to Build-a-Bear, so I think a trip is in our future! He's just not a huge fan of stuffed animals though. He has a monkey that he loves and any other he couldn't care less about!

  5. Noah's monkey looks so cute in his new outfit! Good job Noah on the outfit selection!
    Also, that dinosaur garden sounds so fun! One of our books for the summer readying challenge is about dinosaurs so I might have to try to re-create that!


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