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Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Not much to share over here, so I'll get straight to my Five on Friday... 


Last night, Noah and I went out for pizza and ice cream (or pizza and eye me me as Noah calls it).  I love nights where I don't have to cook and ice cream for dessert makes me think of summer... So it's all good in my book :)


I haven't tried these shorts on, so I can't be sure, but they really intrigue me!  I love that they are longer in length but also have an elastic waist.  In the winter, when I want to be comfy I just throw on some yoga pants.  And while I often wear maxi dresses in the summer for the same reason, sometimes a dress just isn't appropriate (like at Gymboree).  So I think a comfy pair of shorts would really come in handy!


I've been having a shoe problem for over a week!  On the left, is the gray pair that my mom owns and I wanted to buy.  On the left, is the blue pair that Amazon has sent me twice, but in a box marked as gray.  We returned both and went to buy from another seller on Amazon.  While they sent me the right color, they were clearly worn and did not look brand new.  We ended up returning the third pair as well and I think I'm officially giving up!


I really want these placemats.  I've seen a few people who have them and love how their tablescapes look with the simple woven mat.  I will definitely have to pick some up next time we go to Ikea!


Noah got his first official boo boo with blood this week!  We were walking into McDonald's, I was holding his hand and everything, when he saw his friend get out of their car.  I'm not sure if he got excited or what but he turned and his legs seemed to buckle and he fell to the ground.  I pulled him up right away and picked him up since he was crying.  I went to check his knee and it was scratched and bleeding a little.  Of course I didn't have neosporin on me so I used a wipe to clean it up until we got home.  He recovered quickly but still points to it and wants a bandaid on it.   

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  1. Dinner and ice cream for the win! Elastic waist shorts? Sign me up. And love the shoes - the blue is cute! Keep them!

  2. I love those Ikea placemats! Have you seen this tutorial for how to DIY them?

  3. First boo boo with blood? How did you make it this long?? Reed's been bloody like 95 times at this point.

  4. I have had some serious issues with Amazon lately! Two items that I ordered arrived in the packaging that they should (correct brand) but were Target items inside. So frustrating! I think people buy items and then swap them out for something and return a cheaper item. So sad!

  5. YAY for pizza and ice cream dinners! That sounds so good right now :)


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