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Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

We had a great week filled with some warmer spring weather.  The only thing that would have made it better is if Chris didn't have to work late every night and we could have taken some family walks to the playground after dinner.  I am looking forward to a beautiful weekend all about celebrating the moms in our lives!  Here's my usual "Five on Friday"...


I don't think I can fully express how happy I am for warmer weather and playdates at the playground. The days go by so quickly when we spend more time outside.  I am LOVING it and Noah isn't complaining either ;)


This week, we had a makeup music class from when we were away in Baltimore.  We invited Nonna to come along.  Noah had so much fun showing her all the fun things they do :)


This was our third week at our new swim class.  I learned that Noah was a little behind compared to most of the kids his age.  On Saturday, it's mostly dads who do the class with the kids.  I guess they are more prone to "play" with the kids, because none of the kids in the class could swim on their own (with the bubble), but in Noah's new class, they all could (except for Noah).  Thankfully, after two classes, he's doing so much better and can stay afloat and "swim" when I let go of his hands!  Chris will continue being the fun parent and play with him in the pool and I'll be all business during swim class ;)


I LOVE peonies!  They don't seem to be in season very long, at least on the East Coast.  But ever since Mother's Day 2012 (when I was pregnant with Noah), Chris has given me a bouquet of peonies.  I love this tradition and hope it continues over the years :)


I'm excited for this weekend... we have so many fun things planned for Mother's Day!  We have a MOMS Club Breakfast at the park tomorrow morning and then we are going out to dinner with Chris' parents tomorrow night.  Then on Sunday, Chris and Noah are taking me out to brunch and then we are having dinner with my parents.  Here's a picture of me with Noah and my mom from last year... I hope the weather is just as nice this year!

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  1. That video is so cute and such a nice memory for him! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. I love peonies too! You should plant one so you get to enjoy them each year. I'm pretty sure the season is short everywhere, but it is worth it!

  3. The previous owner of our house was apparently an amazing gardener and right now I have 4 peonies bushes *this close* to blooming.I can't wait!


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