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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Day in the Life

I'm back today with another "A Day In The Life" posts.  I decided I wanted to do these quarterly to really see how our lives change throughout the year.  Here are my posts from February 2015November 2014August 2014May 2014January 2014, and April 2013.  

Today is Friday, May 8th.  Chris is 37, I am 31, and Noah is 2 1/2 years old.  

6:10 AM... Noah wakes up.  Noah starts off in his crib, but when he wakes up in the middle of the night I take him into his big boy bed and finish the night in there with him.  As soon as he's up, he asks for his iPad and apple juice.  I take my time waking up and read a few blogs while Noah watches videos on the iPad.

7 am... Noah watches his iPad from my bed so I can quickly get ready.  We then head downstairs to play.  Today it was all about having a picnic with all his stuffed friends!  I convince him to stop playing for a little while to eat some cereal and then we get dressed for the day.

9:05 am... we are out the door and on our way to music class.  I realize that I'm pretty low on gas so I stop on the way.  I have to wait in line and I start feeling rushed and late!  Since the weather has been nicer, we've been parking at our old apartment building and walking over to music class with our friends Nicole & Quinn.  Thankfully, traffic wasn't bad and I make it there in plenty of time.  

9:45-10:30... Wompy's (music class).  Noah loved class like usual.  He has so much fun with all of his friends.  

11 am... we meet up with a friend at a playground nearby.  We hadn't seen Owen (and his mom Becky) in a while, so it was really nice.  It was warmer than I expected... I'm so glad I remembered a hat and sunscreen for Noah!

11:45... Becky & I head over with the boys to meet our friend Nesa, and her two kids at Friendly's.  We met each other through the MOMS Club in my old town and since then we've all moved.  While Nesa & I moved to the same town, Becky lives 40 minutes away now so we don't see each other as often as I'd like.  The kids did great and we made sure to get them all ice cream and a balloon!

1:25 pm... Noah fell asleep on the ride home as I suspected.  Whenever we are driving around nap time, I make sure he has a clean diaper on and take off his socks and shoes.  It makes for a much easier transfer for when we get home.  

2:30... I was able to transfer Noah to his crib when we got home.  But an hour later, he woke up calling for me.  He finished his nap in bed with me.  He's been doing this all week.  Sometimes I end up napping with him, but today I just played around on my phone.  

3:45... Noah wakes up and we cuddle and hang out in bed for a while.  Finally at 4:15 I tell him we need to get up and head over to the grocery store.  Noah likes it when we go to the Kings with the kid size shopping carts.  Usually I only do a small shop when we go there, but today I had a long list!  I ended up using his cart and a basket, while I really could have used a full sized cart... it was definitely not fun for me!  Noah was super good and well behaved, it was just hard for me to manage it all.  

5:45... We are back home and the groceries are all put away.  I start making dinner... chicken quesadillas.  Noah has no interest in them and instead opts for a random dinner of cheese & crackers, applesauce, and a clementine.  I decide that I can't wait any longer to eat some of the delicious strawberries I just bought... and they were on sale!

6:15 pm... Chris took an earlier train today and got home 20 minutes earlier than he normally does.  It was a super nice treat since he was getting home between 7:30 and 8:30 all week!  He quickly ate dinner and then said he wanted to wash the cars with Noah.  While I love the spring weather and the trees and flowers, I could live without the pollen all over the cars!  Thank goodness I'm not allergic to pollen or else I'd be miserable!  

Not only did Noah wash the cars, but he also sprayed me and Chris with the hose!

7pm... while Chris and Noah washed the cars, I walked around the house taking pictures of some of the new flowers that have recently bloomed.  Since this is our first Spring in the house, it's a surprise every day as to what our plants will bloom :) 

7:15... After washing the cars, Noah asks to go for a walk run in his car.  I decide to let them have some father son time and take a shower in peace ;)  

7:45... I hear Chris and Noah come inside and Noah is clearly not happy that the fun has to stop.  After a day of playing outside, Chris gives Noah a bath.  I then get Noah into his PJs.  Tonight it's the ones with the cars on it.  There were 6 cars on the front of his shirt.  I ask him to count the cars... he says "1, 2... 1, 2... 1,2".  I love how he counts!  

8:10... Noah asks to watch videos on my computer so we do that instead of reading books tonight.  We watch videos from today and from swim class yesterday.  I also show Chris and Noah the pictures I took of them washing the car.  

8:40... Finally, it's time for bed!  I rock Noah while we listen to some Taylor Swift and talk about what we did today and what our plans are for tomorrow.  He asks me to sing "Patty Cake" like usual.  He's asleep pretty quickly and then I transfer him into his crib.  I really love our bedtime routine :)

9:30... I blow dry my hair and do a few things on my computer while Chris watches some TV.  Then I'm off to bed.  I always end up going to bed earlier than he does... he says no matter how tired he is he can't fall asleep before 11.

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  1. So weird your posts haven't been showing up on my bloglovin' lately... I think there's something wrong with it.
    Anyway, sounds like a super fun day!!! Those pictures of them washing your car and running in the toy car are really great! I don't know how you do it though... Mason is always in bed at 8pm sharp...and wakes up at 6am lol. I love all the activities you did to keep yourselves busy!


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