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Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Pictures

This weekend was pretty great!  We had no real set plans, just time to do fun things as a family and knock a few things off our to do list.  It was really nice after having a lot of busy weekends back to back.  I'm including Friday, because after a week of being sick and doing nothing, it was nice to feel back to normal.  Noah and I went grocery shopping in the morning, and then spent the afternoon baking muffins and playing.  Noah's always been into puzzles and just recently we thought he might be ready for the next level of puzzles.  So instead of getting him more of the chunky peg style puzzles, we've moved onto some traditional jigsaw puzzles.  I also want to try these cube puzzles.  I was surprised and impressed at how quickly he figured the new puzzles out!  He LOVES them and does them at least 10 times a day!

^^^ Noah eating cereal for dinner while watching videos on my phone... quite the life!

Saturday started off pretty great after Noah slept the entire night in his crib!  This NEVER happens (and as we suspected, it was a one time thing), so when it was 6:30 and we hadn't heard from him, we were shocked!  After making a big deal of him sleeping through the night, we went to swim class.  I think this was the best swim class we've had in a while.  Our regular teacher was back (though we found out she is looking for a replacement so she can spend Saturdays with her family) and Noah was really into it!  He practiced getting in and out of the pool, blew bubbles, floated on his back, and worked on holding his breath.  He finished class by going down the slide at least a dozen times!

^^^ Noah's new favorite game... Disney Jr. Bingo!  I found this travel game in the Dollar Section at Target.  While he doesn't really understand the concept of Bingo, he loves finding the characters and filling up the entire board with chips :)

After a great nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon outside.  We finally had some nice weather (sunny and 60 degrees) so we took advantage of it.  Noah had Chris follow him around the neighborhood on his car, wagon, and pirate ship.  Meanwhile, I cleaned out the car... boy was it messy.  As I was finishing up, Noah decided he wanted to "help" by sitting in the front seat.  I don't even want to imagine Noah old enough to actually sit in the front seat!

After dinner, we all just hung out watching TV and eating some yummy ice cream.  

On Sunday, we spent the morning at the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.  We had gone before with Noah's cousins at Christmas time.  We loved it so much that my mom got us annual passes so we could go as many times as we liked.  I worried that Noah wouldn't be into as much by himself, but I think he may have liked it even more this time!  We did a lot of the same stuff as our first visit, but since we went through it faster this time, we were able to do some new stuff as well!

^^^ for some reason I thought it opened at 9:30, but it didn't open until 10.  So we had fun looking at the giant crayons outside while we waited.  Noah was so excited to name all the colors!

^^^ we made crayons

^^^ played with "Model Magic".  They give you a bunch of tokens with admissions, so we "bought" every color they had to take home with us :)

^^^ they added a smaller climbing gym for the little kids since we went in December

^^^ we made our own puzzles!

^^^ drip art!

^^^ we grabbed pizza at the cafeteria before heading home :)

Since the weather was beautiful again, we spent the afternoon outside going for a walk around our neighborhood.  I could really get used to this good weather ;)  

How was your weekend?


  1. I am such a puzzle nerd. My mom had me in love with puzzles since I was around Noah's age and I have been doing them ever since. My favourite brand is Ravensburger. I even had a custom one made up of one of our wedding photos!

  2. Yay for sleeping through the night, even if it was a one time thing!

  3. Your weekend looks like so much fun!!! And it looks like the weather is finally cooperating and letting you be outside more!
    I love that he loves puzzles. Mason has been really into the chunky ones but I need to get him some real ones to work on. And that bingo... major score! Your dollar spot is SO much better than ours!

  4. Catching up.. Looks like a great weekend. That Crayola place sounds awesome!! How funny with the puzzles too, I'm glad you entered our giveaway!! :) I love the picture of Noah laying on the floor putting it together. Yea for family walks!!


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