The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Photos - Flowers and a Birthday Party

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Photos - Flowers and a Birthday Party

I am really loving our weekends even more now that the weather is nicer!  It just makes everything more fun when you can spend time outside in the fresh air!  When Chris got home from work on Friday, he immediately asked if we could go for a walk after dinner.  Even though Chris doesn't get home until almost 7, the weather was just too nice to pass up!  As soon as we finished eating, we got our shoes on and walked down to our neighborhood playground.  Noah didn't want to stay there long though, and preferred driving around the entire neighborhood in his car!  Chris definitely got a work out running around pushing him super fast!  At one point I couldn't even see them and felt like I was taking a walk all by myself ;)

On Saturday, we had swim class in the morning.  Our teacher might not be teaching the Saturday class going forward, so we are going to switch to the Thursday morning class instead.  On the way home from class, we stopped by our local nursery to pick up some flowers.  With this beautiful weather, I'm itching to get some color added to our front yard!  

We spent the afternoon checking some of our Spring Cleaning off our to-do list... like power washing the deck!  I also tried a new recipe for dinner (grilled chicken, sweet potato puree, and broccoli).  

On Sunday morning, we went to a 1st Birthday Party for our friend, Julia!  Julia is the younger sister of Noah's good friend, JP.  They had a Princess & Pirate party, since a lot of the guests were friends of JP (and boys).  The party was so much fun... they had princess and pirate costumes for the kids to wear, the boys painted treasure chests, they played with the parachute, and we all had yummy pizza and cake!  

^^^ Noah and JP putting on a karaoke show ;)

^^^ I loved how they did both a princess and pirate table!  

After Noah's nap, we planted the flowers we bought on Saturday.   Noah got all his garden tools out and acted like he was going to help daddy, but just delegated instead ;)  He loves pointing out each flower and telling us the color.  We then went over to Chris' parents' house for dinner.   

How was your weekend?


  1. Such a great weekend, loving this weather!!

  2. How cute!! Looks like a great weekend!!

  3. Your backyard must smell absolutely divine with all those hyacinths!

  4. Ooh loving all your new fresh flowers! I'm hoping to get some more things planted this coming weekend!

  5. Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! I love that Noah wanted to ride in his car and not play on the play ground which actually meant he wanted Daddy to get a work out and push him super fast lol. Ah, kids.
    I love your scarf at the birthday party! The mint green is so pretty!

  6. Oh my goodness, cuteness overload! The karaoke? I die. He is too stinking adorable.


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