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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weekend in Baltimore - Day 2 | It's The Little Things

Saturday was the only full day we had in Baltimore.  We decided not to set an alarm and to let Noah decide when we'd wake up, since we knew he rarely sleeps past 7:30.  Even though our hotel had a breakfast included, we wanted to try Miss Shirley's, per a friend's recommendation.  Breakfast was delicious and did not disappoint!  

^^^ Noah was hiding every time Chris tried to take a picture of us together

We then went back to our hotel to get our car so we could go to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore!  It was kind of cloudy and chilly so I dressed Noah in 2 coats!  We were just glad it wasn't windy like our first day!  When we told Noah we were going to the zoo, he immediately said "choo choo" since our zoo at home has a train.  We found out this zoo also had a train, but were disappointed when we found out it was closed for repairs :(  The zoo has a weird layout where you have to take a tram (glorified golf cart) from the entrance over to where most of the animals are.  Thank goodness for that though, because Noah called that a train and it made him happy :)

Other than the train, Noah wanted to see lions, elephants, and giraffes.  We got to see all of those and more!  I really liked this zoo.  It wasn't too crowded and there were workers all over the place telling us fun facts about the animals.  

Noah even got to feed the male giraffe, Cesar!  He did it with Chris first, where he actually held the leaf, but when he did it with me, he wanted me to do the actual feeding.  I didn't realize how long their tongues were!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to leave the zoo unscathed!  While running on some older boardwalk-like flooring, Noah tripped and fell.  He fell to his knees and then fell over onto his head and immediately started crying!  He got a huge bump on his head and a few scratches from the wood.  The crazy thing is I got it all on "video" as I was recording him on my phone when he tripped!  

We also had to stop and ride the carousel a few times.  Recently, Noah has preferred to sit on the benches versus the animals that go up and down.  When he'd ride on the animals, it was always unpredictable whether he'd like it or be scared.  Now that he sits on the bench, he always loves it!

It sounds silly, but since we don't have any Chick-fil-A's near our house, we were excited to see so many in Maryland!  We decided to skip lunch at the zoo and go to a Chick-fil-A on the way back to the hotel instead.  Noah fell asleep 5 minutes into the drive, so we decided to get drive-thru instead and just eat in the car while he slept... still just as yummy!  

Since we wouldn't be heading back to the hotel for his nap, we decided we should find something to do that afternoon when he woke up.  Chris had heard that there was a Thomas the Train Exhibit in Baltimore that weekend, so we headed over there.  We waited for Noah to wake up and then went inside.  While the actual train rides were sold out, they still had lots of activities to entertain us.  

We got to see Thomas and Sir Toppham Hat!  They had Thomas Power Wheels to ride on as well as a train themed carousel.  Noah got some Thomas tattoos, went in a bounce house, toddler size hay maze, and saw some bunnies at a petting zoo.  We also let Noah pick out 2 new wooden trains at their gift shop (which was pretty amazing!).  

At this point, we were all exhausted!  We went back to the hotel to relax for a little before heading to dinner.  I'm so glad I brought one of the boxes of puzzles to do in the hotel.  It was a huge hit and I liked that it was a quiet activity!

We walked just about half a mile back to the Inner Harbor to have dinner at PF Changs.  Again, we don't have many near us, so it's always a treat to go there.  And Noah loves Chicken Fried Rice, so it's always nice to go somewhere where I know he will actually eat!

After dinner, we went looking for a Baltimore golf ball to add to Noah's collection.  We walked a few blocks down to the "Gallery" but the doors to the "mall" were locked.  We were really confused.  We knew there were some Freddie Gray protests happening around the city and had seen 3 police helicopters throughout the day, but so far they had been located away from the touristy Inner Harbor.  I told Chris to look online to see if something had happened for the "mall" to shut down.  He immediately saw these two photos trending on Twitter and told me we needed to rush home.  Thankfully, we got back to the hotel without a problem, but it was scary knowing we were so close by to everything that had happened that night!  We figured we were safer in our hotel (on the 8th floor) than going out to get in our car and drive through the city in the dark.  As of Saturday night, we figured we'd leave first thing in the morning and forget about the tickets we had to the Aquarium.  

Come back tomorrow to see what we ended up doing on Day 3!

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  1. Would have loved to see those Thomas power wheels at our Day Out with Thomas event. Those are too cool!

  2. Oh my gosh. So terrifying. I am glad you guys make it back to the hotel tomorrow and hopefully the scariness stops there!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! When you started posting about being in Baltimore, I was wondering if you were there during all of this. SO CRAZY!
    Besides that though, your day at the zoo looks super fun (minus the injury). That is so awesome you got to feed the giraffes!

  4. Eeek, I didn't even think about you guys being close to the riots! Scary! On another note, you took some beautiful pictures at the zoo. I love overcast days just for that reason!

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I hate to think of all the violence and disruption that has taken place there recently.
    Please come link up your photos at


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