The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend in Baltimore - Day 1

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend in Baltimore - Day 1

This past weekend, we spent three days in Baltimore.  Chris took off work on Friday, and we drove 3 1/2 hours down to Baltimore.  In order to maximize our time down there, we left at 9 am.  While usually I prefer to drive during Noah's nap time, it actually worked out really well.  Even though Noah was awake for the whole drive, he did really well.  He watched some shows and played some games on his iPad, ate some snacks, and we stopped for lunch.  I was hoping that Noah would sleep the last hour of the drive, but since he didn't, I'm just glad he was happy!

We arrived in Baltimore around 1 pm but check in wasn't until 3.  Originally we had planned to just walk around the Inner Harbor, but it was pretty windy.  Instead, we decided to hope for the best, considering no nap, and head to Port Discovery (a Children's Museum).  We had heard great things about it and had it on our list of things to do if the weather wasn't ideal.  

We parked our car at the garage near our hotel and walked about half a mile to Port Discovery.  We had read that it's way less crowded if you go after 2 pm, but even at 1:30, it was pretty empty.  It's 3 floors of "exhibits" for kids to explore.  We knew Noah's favorite area would probably be the "Diner" and we were right!  He would have played in there all afternoon if we let him.  It was so cute seeing him navigate the kitchen with the other older kids.  I'm not used to him being the shortest kid ;)

There was also a huge jungle gym that went from the first floor all the way up to the third floor!  He was way braver than I expected him to be and had so much fun going in it with Chris.  

They had a water section too.  Chris was super excited for the Water Chimes and was super bummed when we found out it was closed because it had been leaking to the floor below and was closed until the problem was resolved.  Noah was happy enough cleaning the windows with a squeegee :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the little kids' room playing in sand, playing in the gas station and mini mart, and dong some arts and crafts.  

It was a really great way to spend the afternoon.  But even better than that, we were amazed at how well Noah did with out a nap!  Part of me was worried though that this was a sign that Noah would be getting rid of his nap soon.  Thankfully, that was not the case.  As soon as we started walking around afterwards, Noah fell asleep in his stroller.  We took this opportunity to go grab some dinner and eat in peace.  Even though it was a little windy, we decided to eat outside at Phillip's Crab Deck.  Unfortunately, Noah woke up maybe 5 minutes after our food came and he wasn't happy.  I think the combination of a short stroller nap and the wind made the situation less than ideal.  I had to eat the rest of my dinner with Noah sitting on my lap until he calmed down.   

After dinner, we headed over to the hotel and checked in.  The first room we were given was super hot.  We found out that the air conditioning/fan was broken and we had to switch rooms... at least it was just next door so it was a simple move!  In the meantime, Chris picked us up some Chipwiches for dessert... yummy! 

Since Noah napped late, we knew he wouldn't be interested in going to bed anytime soon.  So we decided to go down to the smallest hotel pool I've ever seen!  While I remembered to bring Noah's swim suit, I forgot to bring his swim diapers.  I thought he could go without a diaper, but Chris thought he should wear a regular diaper.  Boy was that diaper FULL when he got out of the water!  

I was a little nervous about Noah going to bed in the hotel.  At home, I rock Noah to bed, and the last time we stayed in a hotel, Noah was drinking a bottle of milk to fall asleep.  After laying with him for a while with no success, I decided to try something new.  I heard that my SIL got her boys to sleep by themselves by letting them watch their iPads until they fell asleep.  I put on a Mickey Mouse episode and before it was over, he was passed out with the iPad resting on his face... SUCCESS!?!  

I'll be recapping the rest of our trip tomorrow and Thursday :)


  1. I always have crazy fears when we are traveling with Connor and he has been such a pro! We are going to Gulfport, MS this summer for the 4th of July and I'm worried about him not having a kid bed to sleep in but I think if we wear him out enough, it won't matter what kind of bed he is in!

  2. Love the surfing picture. I want a picture of myself of that board, haha!

  3. Mmmmm chipwiches are the best. Did you encounter any of the rioting in Baltimore when you went? So scary.

  4. That museum looks awesome! And I remember loving staying in hotels as a kid strictly for the swimming pools! How fun!

  5. That museum looks AMAZING! I will have to remember that if we ever go to Baltimore. Or I will just have to remember to ask you for advice :) Sounds like day 1 was a success! Mason's naps were all over the place too on our trip and I was worried I would throw him off for no naps forever but on the way home he slept from 1pm-4pm and we were back on schedule :)


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