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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Toddler Tastes - My Little Snacker

Looking back at my past "Toddler Tastes" posts, Noah has always been a pretty good eater.  I don't know if it's my lack of creativity or if Noah is just going through a phase, but he hasn't been into eating as many "meals" lately.  Instead, he prefers to snack throughout the day.  I try to keep these snacks on the healthier side, but it still feels weird when we sit down for meals and he has no interest.  Maybe we should force him to sit down with us even if he isn't hungry, but let's be honest, we are pretty laid back parents.  So instead, we let him get out of his chair and play.  I figure he's old enough to tell us when he's hungry, which he does by going to the fridge or pantry and asking for something.  The challenge I'm facing is providing him a variety of healthy snacks that he actually likes and will request.

grilled cheese, strawberries, green pepper, goldfish pretzels | chicken nuggets, strawberries, goldfish pretzels
wheat thins, cheese, pears | clementine, cheese quesadilla, goldfish pretzels

So far, his usual requests for snacks are cheese, greek yogurt, applesauce pouches, or some sort of bread (the healthier options), and fruit snacks, animal crackers, or popsicles (the less healthy options).  Those are just the things he will actually ask for.  I offer him waffles for breakfast and he will usually say yes.  I also offer him a smoothie after every nap and 99% of the time he enthusiastically says yes and then helps me make it.   I still make a plate for him at each meal, but often he will just leave it untouched.  He used to LOVE pasta, but 95% of the time won't even touch it now.  And just like many toddlers, one day he will love a certain meal, and the next time wants nothing to do with it (like my BBQ meatloaf)!

english muffin & peaches | chicken nuggets, clementines, cheese, animal crackers, fruit snacks
apple zucchini muffin, green peppers, clementine, goldfish pretzels
hard boiled egg, strawberries and grapes, yellow pepper, cucumber

He's just like me in that he will eat the SAME THING for days or even weeks and then one day he is sick of it and doesn't want it at all.  He did that with greek yogurt.  He ate it EVERY MORNING for breakfast and then one day just didn't want it.  We went for maybe two weeks without a single yogurt (making us throw out a few expired containers).  Then just recently he's started asking for one occasionally.  He did the same thing with the apple zucchini muffins.  I was making 2 dozen almost every week and he would eat at least 2 a day.  Then one day I offered him one and simply said no!   Thankfully, these are all just phases and he usually goes back to eating all of these items.

cheese, clementines, strawberries | clementines, apple sauce pouch, cheese & crackers | grilled cheese, apple sauce pouch, goldfish pretzels | smoothie, wheat thins, cheese, green pepper

I've also noticed that he's become pickier with the things he will eat now.  Chinese food has been a favorite of Noah's for a while now.  But recently, he won't eat the fried rice unless I take out all the extra stuff (peas, onions, and pork!).  Maybe I should just start giving him the white rice instead and see if he prefers that now!   When we eat dinner as a family, he likes us to each take a bite of the same food at the same time or all take a drink at the same time.  It's actually pretty cute and it gets him to eat more.  Recently he decided he likes to be fed sometimes airplane style!  We haven't done that since he was a little baby, but if it means he will eat more, we will humor him :)

^^^ he didn't even eat 1/4 of that roll!

Thankfully the smoothies are still a favorite and he gets a lot of fruits and veggies in one every day.  It makes me worry less about his nutrition when I know that he's drinking a full glass of a healthy smoothie.  I'm also hoping that with the warmer weather and more fruit being in season again, that he will eat a larger variety again.

Are your toddlers picky eaters?  What are their favorite meals and snacks?   I would love some suggestions on different foods to offer Noah!   


  1. Smoothing are the perfect way to hide vitamins! I also go through phases where I eat a lot of one thing all the time then I get so sick of it all of the sudden that I won't touch it for months haha I guess somethings we don't outgrow!

  2. All his meals & snacks look so yummy! I always breastfed Liam on demand, so I continue to take that approach with food. He eats when he wants, sometimes it's a meal time, but frequently it's not. As long as it healthy, I don't mind!

  3. Oh my goodness, I feel your "pain" here. I feel like it's a daily struggle to figure out what Sully will or won't eat. And he's like Noah - will love something one day or one week and then despise it the next. Super frustrating at times! But, he loves smoothies, so I feel like I'm winning if he has at least one a day. Sully is huge fan of cheese, yogurt, avocado smashed on toast, breakfast sausages, green peas. Also, if my yogurt is getting close to expiry and I don't think we'll eat it in time, I freeze it! Also, I personally will eat it up to about a week after expiry since it's yogurt ;)

  4. I'm so totally bookmarking this to refer back to! You know, I think on your first toddler tastes post you shared the pretzel goldfish and ever since that day, I have been buying them! I usually do half regular goldfish and half pretzel goldfish in Mason's snack container. For some reason I feel like feeding him pretzel ones is healthier so I tell myself the goldfish snack is healthy LOL. Sometimes I feel like I'm the world's worst parent on feeding Mason but overall I do think he does get a pretty balanced meal. He doesn't mind eating the same thing every day and when dinner is running late, I often pull out the chicken nugget, avocado, and strawberries combo and he eats it up! He also loves bell pepper, carrots, olives, and other fruits so sometimes I change it up a bit. I need to invest in some crackers and cheese though!

  5. Palmer is such a snacker. Meals are not her thing. I have to make them look like snacks for her to really even be interested. These plates all look like fabulous ideas though. and smoothies (or moosies as Palmer likes to call them) are a huge hit in out house. I need to get better at hiding veggies in them!

    Thanks again for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!

  6. Noah's meals/snacks look great!! I'm noticing Tys getting into a little more of a 'snack' mode, but we are pretty structured with meals (and I think that has to do with our schedule/daycare/etc.), so we eat together. He is definitely fine with eating the same thing over and over, just like me. But a winner at one meal may be the worst next time we have it, ugh toddlers. :) We also will make taking bites into a game/animal bite/cheers, whatever works to get it down the hatch.


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