The Adventure Starts Here: Noah-isms: Volume 1

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Noah-isms: Volume 1

I guess you would say Noah was a late talker.  But I was never concerned or found it that odd, boys are often later at talking than girls.  While some of his friends were talking more than him, they were also many months older than him.  Thankfully, I've never really been hung up on all that stuff anyway.  Noah sat, crawled, walked, etc on the later end of the ranges too.  Anyway, Noah is now officially talking and really sharing his opinions.  His little voice is so cute and some of the things he says really surprise us.  Some are funny while other times I'm just amazed at the things he's observed and remembered!  I love reading other blog posts like this, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the things Noah is saying right now.  And if no one cares about any of this, at least it will be nice to look back on for documentation purposes :)

Me - "I love you"
Noah - "I love dada" about 5 times
finally says "I love mama"
then he proceeds to list everyone he loves...
"I love mommy" (Grandma)
"I love papa" (Grandpa)
"I love nonna" (Nonna)
"I love daddy" (Granddad)

We find it funny that he calls my mom "mommy" and Chris' dad "daddy".  I can only imagine this will change over time and he will start calling us those names instead.  

If Noah asks for Chris during the day...
Me - "Where's Daddy?"
Noah - "Choo Choo" (Chris takes the train to work)
Me - "What does Daddy do at work?"
Noah - puts his head on his hands and pretends to sleep (apparently Noah thinks Chris just sleeps at work!)
I recently told Noah that daddy works on the computer, so now he says "puter" and pretends to type on a keyboard

Me - What would you like to eat?
Noah - "Apple" (meaning apple juice)
Apple is his go to response!

When asking for his frog cup where the handles spin around...
"ribbit, hop, turns"

When Noah finds a tag on the inside of his shirt or on a new stuffed animal...
"Cut please"
(he HATES tags!)

As I was cutting veggies for dinner one night, he kept saying this over and over...
"Pepper, Meat, Onion"
and the way he says onion is the cutest!

Here's a video of us practicing our colors!

When he first wakes up in the morning (we co-sleep)...
"Hi, hi, hi"...
I give it to him and then go back to sleep for another half an hour :)

At night before bed...
"Please, Thank You, Milk"
I ask him what cup...
"Abby" or "Big Bird"

His friends according to Noah...
PeePee (JP)
UhOh (Owen)
ChooChoo (Lucas)
Tee (Quinn)

And he calls himself "No-nah"


  1. These are my favorite types of posts for Moms to share. I love hearing other little ones talk. Connor has been a fairly good talker for quite some time and while it makes things easier because we can communicate, I will be the first to say, sometimes he never stops talking! and all I want is a bit of silence.

  2. SO cute! I remember when Young House Love posted Clara Conversations and it was my favourite! These will be so nice to look back on. I love that he calls himself No-Nah!

  3. Very cute! I just shared a similar post on Tuesday! Adorable that he calls himself No-nah. The cute toddler pronunciations are things I will most definitely miss down the road!

  4. So cute! I love the little toddler voices. Lellow. So sweet! He is so good at his colors!

  5. These are so sweet! I love hearing toddler talk!!!

    Thanks again for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight! XO


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