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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's the Little Things | Easter Fun with a Toddler

If you are a regular reader, you know that I love doing holiday themed crafts and activities with Noah.  Easter is no different.  Last year we did a themed sensory bin made a stained glass easter egg which was also super fun to do with little kids! This year I found a craft for us to do, we baked some cookies, and made some Easter inspired play-doh creations.

I found this Chalk Easter Egg Craft on Pinterest.  I found the template for the egg here, but I'm sure it would be easy to make your own as well.  In order to contain the mess, I taped some paper down onto Noah's craft table using painters tape.  I placed the egg template on top of it and then used painters tape to block different sections of the egg while taping it to the paper/table at the same time.   After that I just let Noah go crazy.  It was a super simple craft... just dipping the chalk into water and then coloring on the paper.  Noah asked me to help a little, but he easily could have done the whole thing on his own.  

We also decorated some Spring and Easter themed sugar cookies this week.  We used this recipe for the cookies but just used store bough icing.  I usually use store bought sugar cookie dough as well, but the last container I bought for St. Patty's Day was super crumbly and wouldn't roll out well, so I decided to make my own this time.  Not only were they easy to make and tasted delicious, but it was the first sugar cookie I made where they kept their shape after being baked.  This recipe is amazing!

^^^ apparently baking is good for toddlers to let out their aggression ;)

We baked the cookies on Sunday and decorated them Monday afternoon after nap.  We invited Grandma over to help us... Noah loves when she comes over and this way I was able to photograph it all ;)

And finally, my mom helped Noah make some egg and carrot play-doh creations using our cookie cutters.  Noah had so much fun decorating the egg and I think they turned out great!

Are you doing any Easter crafts with the kids this year?

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  1. He looks so cute in his little apron and oven mitts! Looks like you have a little chef on your hands :)

  2. Using cookie cutters with playdough is so fun! I love your Peter Rabbit plate, too :)

  3. bahaha the rolling pin pic =) This totally reminded me that Aria painted some paper for me to cut out eggs from so we could put them on our windows...probably two weeks ago now and I completely forgot! I'll have to try and remember to get on that tomorrow!

  4. You & all your crafts; I love it! I actually dyed Easter Eggs with Liam this year. Only because a group of us moms did it together, so the whole things seemed less daunting, and it was actually a success!

  5. What fun! I love the Easter egg chalk idea! Owen loves baking with me too!

  6. You win mom of the year with all of your fun activities/crafts! I love doing these kinds of things with Scarlett but hate the mess. Do you have a way to organize all of your crafting supplies? I need to figure something out for Scarlett because I need to start doing more of this stuff with her.

  7. What great ideas! Thanks for sharing :) Going to pin them for future reference!


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