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Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Noah and I were both finally feeling better this week.  Looking back, we were lucky to have been sick last week when the weather was crummy and able to enjoy the beautiful weather this week!  We made sure to spend lots of time outside and I'm looking forward to doing the same this weekend!  We also have a long "Spring Cleaning" to do list... oh the joy of home ownership!  Here's my usual "Five on Friday"...


It's finally started to feel like Spring around here this week!  Noah and I went for multiple walks this week and even spent an afternoon at the playground.  There was a MOMS Club activity planned, but Noah decided he'd rather take a super long nap which made us miss it.  Thankfully, a friend of mine texted us later that afternoon asking if we wanted to meet up at the playground.  Noah had just woken up, so we jumped at the opportunity.  It was Noah's first time at this playground and he loved going down the slides!  We will definitely be taking Chris back very soon!



This week, we were fortunate enough to try out Blue Apron.  A good friend of mine recently joined and apparently once you get a few weeks of meals, you get free meals to give your friends.  We got a whole week (3 meals) shipped to us for free.  This week, we made steak with potatoes and creamed spinach, linguini with shrimp, and turkey meatball pitas.  We aren't continuing with the service right now, but I have to say the food was really good and I would still recommend it.


With nicer weather this week, it made me realize Noah needs some new Spring clothes.  While he will still be wearing pants for the next month or so, he needs a bunch of new t-shirts.  I dress Noah pretty casually 95% of the time, so cotton t-shirts are the way we go.  Noah loves his graphic tees, and we've been picking up a few short sleeve ones as we see them.  But I think he will need some striped or solid tees too.  Gap and Old Navy have some really cute ones this season, and in colors I don't usually see for boys (but LOVE!).


I may be jumping the gun a little on this one, but last summer Noah had the best sandals and I wanted to get them again this year!  Not only did they look great, they were also so easy to put on and off, which was great since we were going in and out of the house non-stop!  Unfortunately, Nordstrom didn't have them this year and were sold out in his size online.  Thankfully I found them on Zappos and they will arrive here soon :)  I know he won't be wearing them for a little while longer, but I wanted to be prepared!


We had another visit from my good friend, Kristen and her son, Sawyer.  Last time they came over Noah loved looking at him and saying "baby", but didn't want to hold him.  This time he was giving Sawyer hugs and kisses and wanted to hold him!  He also had fun showing him his trucks and lending him his hat ;)

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  1. You are not jumping the gun on getting sandals. I learned the hard way that the nice quality sandals go really fast and it's better to buy earlier in the season to ensure finding the size you need in stock. Love the Spring tops you picked out, too.

  2. I love the multi-coloured striped tee with the pocket. So adorable. Happy weekend!

  3. Ahh! Too cute Noah is hugging baby Sawyer! He is going to make a great big brother one day :)
    Those Blue Apron meals sound interesting. That's super cool that you got to try them for free from your friend!

  4. GAP always sucks me in with their sales, but I love to shop Etsy for fun t-shirts too! We just bought a screen printer, so I may even try to make a few things for Liam myself....!


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