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Friday, April 10, 2015

Five on Friday

It's been quite the week over here.  Noah is still battling a super runny nose and cough.  I woke up on Tuesday with a sore throat that's turned into congestion/runny nose (how can you have both?).  Add some stress and being super emotional and it made for a completely annoying week!  If only I could be a kid again where I had no real worries!  Anyway, since this is a blog and who wants to read about negative stuff, here's my fun Five on Friday...


Now that more fruits are back in season, we are starting to give Noah more variety with his meals again!  I love that he loves fruits and veggies, because right now he's going through an anti meat phase and he might only eat cheese if I let him!  We had a huge brunch on Easter, so for dinner I decided to keep it simple but festive.  Noah got these plastic eggs filled with some of his favorite foods... he LOVED it!


I guess you could say we are Mets fans over here.  I say, I guess, because I really didn't have a team when I met Chris, but he is a Mets fan!  And since Chris is a Mets fan, Noah is too, or least we dress him as one right now ;)  Noah got his first Mets hat (baby size) and shirt when he was 5 months old.  The next year, we had to upgrade him to the Toddler size hat.  This year we had to get him a new style since he is now officially in child size hats.  Which means my little baby is really growing up... and he has a large head (like his mom and dad)!  Now let's hope they do better this season!


Noah and Chris started swim lessons again this past weekend.  Last fall Noah was starting to lose interest in swim class and I started going in with him.  We always take the winter off because I don't like the idea of Noah getting wet and then going out into the freezing temps right after.  I think the break was good for Noah too, because he was super excited to go in with Chris!  Last session he would sometimes get out of the pool before class was even over, while this past Saturday, we could barely get him out of the water and he wanted to go down the slide at least 10 times!


I've started thinking of cute ways we can celebrate Noah's 1/2 birthday next month.  I definitely want to make him half a birthday cake.  Noah loves to bake and loves blowing out candles even more!  I'm thinking of making a cake bunting that says "Happy Half Birthday".  Any other fun ideas?



This week, we tried a new recipe for dinner.  We are big fans of orzo and asparagus, so we thought this would be a nice and simple dinner to try out.  It was actually really good and didn't make so much pasta that we will be having it for days :)  I figured I'd show you the pretty picture instead of what my food photography often looks like!


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  1. Those eggs are adorable!!! And yay for swim class, so fun!!

  2. My husband is a fan of Matt Harvey. So go Mets! Happy weekend :)

  3. Love the snacks in those brightly colored eggs! So creative and fun! A little bento box of snacks for toddlers.

  4. Oh, that pasta looks awesome! I need to use orzo more often, it's so good! And I love the idea of the snacks in the eggs for Easter - super cute!

  5. He is so cute!! I love the different color cups and foods!! I need to try that Happy Friday

  6. How is Noah doing with swimming? Is he close to being able to be on his own or are they still mom & tot type classes? Liam THINKS he can swim, but doesn't take direction well so we put classes on hold for a year. I'm hoping he might take to them better this spring since he is such a water baby!

  7. That pasta looks awesome! We never make orzo but are big asparagus fans over here so I'm going to have to try that!

  8. Love the colorful snacks in Easter eggs. YES on the half birthday/half cake..!! I love birthdays so much and celebrating half ones too. :)


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