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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

^^^ Noah got a bunch of baskets!  He got one from the bunny (us), Grandma & Grandpa (left), and Nonna & Granddad (right).  He also got some gifts from family and friends that we saw on Sunday.  He is one lucky boy!

We had a super fun weekend celebrating Easter.  Even though Easter was on Sunday, we did most of the kid, bunny, and egg stuff on Saturday.  The Easter Bunny came and left Noah his basket and hid some eggs for him to find on Saturday morning.  Noah was super excited to look for eggs as soon as we came downstairs!

^^^ The Easter Bunny brought Noah a basket, some gifts, and hid some eggs around the house (like under the monkey's hat!  

After finding all the eggs (we only hid 12), Noah started going through his basket.  Though, once he found the water flutes, he lost interest for a while and only wanted to play with them!

I would say that everything was a hit though.  We then spent the next hour playing with all his new toys.  

Micky Mouse Coloring Book

After swim class, Noah had his bath and got to play with his new bath toys!

Saturday evening, we went to my parents' house for dinner and Noah got another Easter basket!  His favorite thing was the Jake pirate ship and the Thomas trains!  Not only did they hide some eggs around their house, but we also dyed and decorated some eggs.  We ended the night with a yummy Ice Cream Bunny Cake and sang "Happy Easter" (we made it up) to Noah and let him blow out candles (his favorite!).

^^^ he loved filling his pirate ship up with the eggs and balls he just got!

After playing with a bunch of his new toys, we started dyeing the eggs.  This year, instead of using a kit like we usually do, we made our own dye using food coloring and following these instructions.  I LOVE this new method... we ended up with the prettiest and richest colors we've ever had!  

Time for cake!  Not sure if it's normal to sing "Happy Easter" but anything to make this little boy happy!

Sunday morning, we headed over to Chris' parents' house.  He had another basket waiting to be opened!  He loved finding quarters in the eggs and immediately wanted to eat the chocolate bunnies that were in his basket.  From there, we went to Easter brunch... but more on that on Wednesday.  

^^^ ooh chocolate!

Hopefully you had a great Easter weekend too!  

Noah the Bunny... 2014 and 2015


  1. His facial expressions are too cute! I love the ones where he is finding and opening the eggs and then the one of him shoving the cake in his mouth is priceless. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! And Noah got some great stuff! I'm going to have to keep them in mind for Mason's birthday!

  2. Adorable. How did the whisk method work out for yall? It seems like a neat concept but then how do you get the egg out without mess? Looks like yall had one heck of a holiday!

  3. Your Easter basket and all the fun activities look fabulous! I love the Easter bunny cake and that you sang Happy Easter, so fun! I have that same old navy top and I can't wait to wear it!

  4. Wow so many baskets; what a lucky boy! And those bath flutes look like so much fun!

  5. He looks so much older in the side-by-side pictures! Also, I LOVE your grey and white rug!

  6. Looks like a great/fun weekend!! Great pics, his personality definitely shines through with his expressions!! :)

  7. I love this post! What awesome Easter baskets! Those bath toys are awesome - just added the bath stickers to my cart! And his big cheesy grin is the best!!

  8. Great photos! I love the picture at the end. :) They grow too fast!

  9. Lucky boy, looks like he sure got spoiled!! And those bath toys look like tons of fun!

    Thanks for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!


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