The Adventure Starts Here: Cleaning the Car

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cleaning the Car

One of my goals this month was to clean out my car.  I am naturally a clean and organized person and like things in their place.  So I am surprised and kind of ashamed at how messy I let the car get.  With this rough winter, there were too many times that I would just leave trash "Noah droppings" in the car, with the intention of getting them another time.  Same thing with toys, Noah would want to bring a toy with him while we ran an errand and then he'd drop it on the floor and we'd forget about it.  Not only did this major overhaul need to be done, but I wanted it done before we drove to Baltimore.

I started by bringing a big trash bag into the car and throwing out everything that was trash.  I brought another bag with me to put the toys that should be inside the house.  With all that cleared out of the car, I had some room to now wipe down all the surfaces and really clean the inside of the car.

I also made a list of things that I think we need in the car.  Extra diapers, wipes, tissues, feminine products, snacks, and sunglasses (for all of us).  I also decided to pare down the amount of toys we keep in the car since Noah is getting better at entertaining himself during car rides.  I also put a shopping bag in the front seat to use as a trash can.  

^^^ Noah decided to "supervise" from the front seat :)

We have some sun shields that we use on the backseat windows to help block out the sun for Noah.  A while ago, Noah pulled them down and they were having some trouble sticking again.  Someone suggested wiping down the protector and the window with a wet washcloth.  Instead, we just cleaned the windows and wiped the protectors down with windex and it worked great!

We saw this product on Shark Tank called Drop Stop.  It's designed to fit between the seat and the console to prevent things from falling in that crack.  We both thought the idea was super cool and bought 2 sets, one for each car.  We finally got around to installing them (it was so easy!).

Since I pared down the toys, I plan to make a special bag for Noah to bring with him on our trip to Baltimore.  He loves carrying around his backpack, so I figured it's the perfect bag to use!  We will bring his iPad, Water Wow, Buckle Turtle Toy, a look and find book, and some bells.  I also plan to pack a bag full of snacks and a cooler full of drinks.

Are you good at keeping your car clean?  Do you have any systems or strategies to help keep it clean?


  1. Cleaning the car is one of my most despised chores! I think it's all because we don't have a vacuum that does the job well. I only have a stand up vacuum that you can pull the hose out of and attach an end piece. But it's really awkward to use and always falls over under the car. Those Drop Stop things are brilliant though! I may need them in my life.

  2. This has been on my mind too!! I need to clean my car out so bad!!! Great job

  3. My car is pretty clean, but really we don't really bring much in the car that often since we don't ever drive too far. I'm sure you could find a whole school of goldfish and some cherrios and even some rock hard waffle, but other than that, I try to keep the toys at home. I say this now but I'm sure when Mason gets older, it will get worse!


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