The Adventure Starts Here: Our Weekend - Baking, Egg Hunting, and Choo-Choos!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Weekend - Baking, Egg Hunting, and Choo-Choos!

Even though it's Tuesday, I wanted to recap our weekend, because we had SO much fun!  We spent Saturday morning just hanging around the house.  We baked some muffins, played play-doh, and Noah took a SUPER short nap (I really hope this isn't a sign that naps will soon be gone!).  

Saturday evening, we went to our friends' house for dinner.  Chris and I got to have a delicious dinner (cooked by Nesa!) and some adult conversation while Noah got to play with his bud, JP.    They even sent us home with yummy leftovers... SCORE!

^^^ ROAR!


^^^ If there's a tower, Noah will knock it down!

Then the boys started playing dress-up and I realized I had very similar pictures of the two of them from almost a year ago.  These boys look so much older now, thought just as cute!  

Noah (and Chris) LOVED the train conductor outfit that JP had.  Chris decided to go out Saturday night while I put Noah to bed and get him his own!  Chris then dressed the monkey in it and surprised Noah with it on Sunday morning.  He LOVED it!

Sunday morning, we went back to our friends' house because we were hosting a MOMS Club Egg Hunt at their house.  The grass was still wet and it was too cold out, so we held everything inside.  Thank goodness they have a huge basement and we could do the hunt, craft, and food for 15 families down there :)  The kids had so much fun.  It was cute to see how some kids were obsessed with collecting as many eggs as they could, while Noah just grabbed a few and wanted to open each one as he went.  I hid 200 eggs and the actual hunt was over in less than 5 minutes!

We spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out.  We baked some Spring/Easter sugar cookies... and Noah sneezed on some of his!  Don't worry, we didn't use his dough after that ;)  I'll be sharing more about our adventures in baking and decorating tomorrow!

How was your weekend?


  1. He's so cute! I love the pic of him and Chris "thinking" over the play-doh

  2. I love that Noah is quite the little chef! And your scarf for date night is gorgeous!

  3. I love how you caught Noah sneezing on the dough. Good catch, funny photo, and glad you didn't use that dough ;) He is quite the chef! Mason just throws everything on the floor. We're not there yet lol


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