The Adventure Starts Here: Our "Busy" Weekend

Monday, March 23, 2015

Our "Busy" Weekend

Wow, what a full weekend!  I read an article (that I can't find for the life of me) recently saying that we love to complain that our lives so "busy".  Busy makes it sound like we are doing things that we don't really want to do.  Like we are running from one thing to the next.  Whenever someone asks how we are doing, we like to respond "Oh we are so busy".  Instead of always responding that we are so busy, to describe life as being "full".  I really liked that idea and I'm going to try to stop describing my life as being "busy".

Anyway, back to our full weekend.... on Saturday, Chris and I had a wedding to go to.  In preparation, I went to get a manicure and pedicure with a friend in the morning.  Chris and I then took Noah to get his haircut.

  My mom and dad came over in the late afternoon/evening to watch Noah while we went to the wedding.  Chris and I took separate cars so that he could stay later.  It was his good friend getting married and unfortunately Noah has a hard time going to bed for anyone other than me.  I got home by 10:30 and put that tired boy to sleep.

^^^ This reminds me of when I was a kid and we would take a picture with my parents all dressed up for their holiday work party. 

^^^ with the happy couple!

^^^ our good friends, Teri & Joe, from out of town

^^^ our table :)

I sent Chris a picture of the two of us showing him I made it home safe.  Meanwhile, Chris stayed at the wedding, busting out the old dance moves!

On Sunday, we had a super low key morning.  Despite going to bed late, Noah was up by 7am!  Noah was super excited to play with daddy, including play-doh and the slinky!  After Noah's nap, I went to the dine in theater with my friend Nicole to see Insurgent.  Meanwhile, Chris and Noah went to Nonna & Granddad's (Chris' parents) house for dinner and a visit with Uncle Justin (and Louie)

^^^ maybe the bright colors will bring the Spring weather back!

The next couple of weekends are gonna be just as busy full.  While I love having fun activities planned, I think we should put a low key weekend on the calendar ASAP!


  1. I can completely sympathize with being the only one being able to put your little one to sleep! Same situation here! Sometimes it is a bit frustrating, but I remind myself these years are limited, and I will miss these days!

  2. Your weekend sounds so fun! You look gorgeous at the wedding! I love your hair, that dress and your necklace! And I love your mani as well!


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