The Adventure Starts Here: Monthly Goals | March 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monthly Goals | March 2015

This year, instead of making resolutions for the year, I decided to make monthly goals instead.  I will be sharing five goals each month that I'd like to work on.   Each month I will also reflect on how I did with the previous month's goals.

March 2015 Goals

Continue Meal Planning and try 2 new recipes
While we meal plan on a regular basis, we've gotten into quite a rut.  Sometimes our meal planning is just deciding we will eat leftovers or a frozen pizza one night.  There's something about the current weather that just makes me tired and not as interested in cooking.  I would love to hear what your favorite simple and kid friendly recipes are!

Decorate for Spring/Easter
I've decided to "skip" St. Patty's Day and instead just decorate for spring and add in some Easter elements.  Since Easter is at the beginning of April this year, I'd like to have the decor up in March so we can enjoy it longer.

Organize the laundry room
We had a shelf installed in our laundry room when we moved in.  While it's great for extra storage we've let it become kind of messy.  I need to figure out a better system!

Use my DSLR more
When I got my new iPhone 6 I was impressed at how much better the camera was.  As a result I got lazy and rarely took out my "good" camera.  I found it easier to just snap a quick picture with my phone.  While this is still true, I want to be more purposeful with my photography this month.

Go on a date with Chris
In addition to just spending more quality time, I'd like to get out just the two of us this month.  We have a few gift cards and since it's my birthday this month, it's the perfect "excuse".

February 2015 Goals

Continue doing my yoga DVD twice a week during Noah's nap
I definitely slacked off this month and I'm not proud about it.

Go through my closet and pair down my wardrobe
I started off by going through my current wardrobe and moving the winter things that I haven't been wearing to the basement.  When the seasons change I will do the same for my spring clothes.  I then went through my clothes (and Noah's) and organized them in the basement.  I've decided that I don't want to completely get rid of any of my clothes until after I'm finished having all my babies.  I prematurely got rid of things when I had Noah and wished I had kept them once my size changed.

Drink 64 oz of water a day
Not sure if I hit 64 oz each day since I wasn't officially keeping track, but I have definitely been drinking more water.  With this goal in mind there were days where all I drank was water, so that's a plus!

Listen to the Serial Podcast
Done!  As I suspected from hearing other's comments, I wish more of it was resolved.  I'm used to watching crime shows where you find out what really happened.  But this is real life and that rarely happens I guess!

Spend more quality time with Chris
I think this needs to be a recurring goal because I still feel like we can improve.  Being a parent is time consuming and often it's easier to just succumb to being tired at the end of the day.

What are your goals this month?


  1. We meal plan but honestly I wouldn't say that the meals are always toddler friendly. They used to be more so before we did the whole30 but now we have been catering more towards Seth and I. A goal of mine should be making my meal planning healthy AND toddler friendly!

  2. I really need to meal plan! Thats my next goal...last months goal was to get caught up on laundry (yes, that is a big deal and I needed a whole month LOL) and it was a success! So this month I need to be a little more ambitious :)

  3. Great goals, we fall into the same trap of frozen pizza/leftovers when we don't meal plan. Parenting is so hard and balancing it all is impossible, Adam and I haven't gone on a date in months.

  4. Fabulous goals for the month! I really need to do the closet purge like you did in February....just the motivation..where is it?! haha
    I can't remember the last time my husband and I had a date night, unfortunately. Living hours away from family will do that to ya, I suppose.
    We fall into the rut of frozen pizza and 'pick nights' on the weekend. We definitely have meal plans for the week though. I wish I could get motivated to cook on the weekends, but I tend to close the kitchen down on Friday night and not open it back up until Monday morning.

  5. I always skip St. Patrick's Day and go right to easter for decor! I just love all the pastels!


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