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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's The Little Things | Noah's Easter Basket

I can't believe Easter is almost here!  While it's not as early as it could be, it still feels like I haven't had enough time to really get prepared and do fun Easter crafts and activities with Noah.  We will definitely be doing a bunch this week and next!  Thankfully, I've been collecting things for Noah's basket for a while, so that's all set!

For Noah's Easter Basket, I wanted to keep it relatively simple and limit the amount of candy that's actually in the basket.  He will be doing plenty of egg hunts, so no worries about him getting candy!  We got him a few new books... including one that's Easter related, a counting book, and a look and find book (that's on pre-order).  Noah LOVES look and find books and we already have this Curious George book (as well as many other versions).  To go along with the Duck & Goose book, we found these plush stuffed animals... I think he will love holding them while we read!  

I love interactive toys, so we got him this wooden memory game (per Laura's recommendation) that will be wrapped outside the basket.  We also got him a coloring book, stickers, and egg shaped play-doh.  I think he will love it because he's obsessed with both eggs and play-doh right now!  

Noah goes through phases with the bath where he either loves it or hates it.  Right now, he loves it.  So we picked him up some new bath toys in hopes to keep the love alive!

In case you are interested... here is Noah's Easter Basket from 2014.

What are your kids getting in their baskets this year?

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  1. Great items! I have never seen the water flutes before but Elin would love those! I'll have to check those out.

  2. I love the idea of adding books to Easter baskets! I am excited to start making one for my two year old niece and will definitely look for some bunny-related books :)

  3. I'm totally digging the water flutes! Top notch basket. And, now I feel behind haha.

  4. I gotta get Ez those bath stickers - so fun! Noah's gonna love his basket :)

  5. Love Noah's basket and goodies!! :) I've never seen those water flutes..?!

  6. You will love the memory game! And the egg shaped playdoh is adorable...I may need to add that to Liam's basket! I found egg shaped bubbles & sidewalk chalk at Target that I'm pretty excited about!

  7. We are taking Connor to see Dinosaur Train LIVE this weekend. It's part of his Easter gift as we don't really go all out for the holiday in terms of gifts.

  8. What a fun link-up! Your basket has given me some great ideas for my kids for future holidays. Happy Easter!


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