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Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  Another week has come and gone... we had a nice mix of play dates, classes, and errands/chores.  We have a few fun things planned this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it!   Here's my weekly five...


This week my friend Kristen came over with her little baby.  Noah is obsessed with babies and was so excited for Sawyer to come over.  He talked about him all morning but when we had them sit next to each other, Noah not only wouldn't hold him, he didn't even want Sawyer touching his arm!


I took Noah to the mall to get his picture taken at Picture People.  With our membership, we were up for a free "Trio Frame".  I decided to dress him up in his Easter outfit and get some "Spring photos".   Noah was such a good listener and did everything the photographer asked him to.  He was acting like such a model!


A friend of mine and I are hosting a Egg Hunt through our MOMS Club.   We have tons of eggs filled with little toys and candy, a craft for the kids to do, and families have signed up to bring yummy breakfast dishes.  Too bad we live in the North East and the Egg hunt will have to be inside. 


Before having Noah, I rarely shopped at Old Navy.  While my job didn't require suits, I mostly shopped at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.  Now my daily clothing is WAY more casual and therefore my stores of choice have changed as well.  Recently, I've really been liking what Old Navy has been putting out, and the prices are great too!  I'm loving their current selection of sandals, and it's making me long for warmer temps even more than I had been!


Next month, we are going to Baltimore for a long weekend.  Chris went in middle school and I've never been.  I hear there are lots of fun things to do with kids there, so we are really looking forward to it.  If you have any suggestions for activities or restaurants, I'd love to hear them! 

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  1. I love the picture!! Your little boy is adorable ;) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  2. What a little model! H's adorable and I'm sure those pictures are going to be so cute :)

  3. My husband loves the inner habor - he is a big fan of the science museum. We went together probably ten years ago so I don't remember it much but he can't wait to take Aria. I'd definitely plan a trip there and/or the aquarium!

  4. I'm dying over his Picture People pictures! What a little model! I love it.
    Also loving those sandals you posted! While it is way warmer here, unfortunately I can't wear sandals to work so I only wear them on the weekends and therefore don't have many. But these are super cute. May need to head over to Old Navy to check them out. 35% off this weekend!

  5. All I am ever in his Old Navy. Before Connor not so much but now.. it's the only place I shop. I need to venture out more but haven't.

  6. How exciting that you are taking a trip to Baltimore! We went there a handful of times when we lived on the east coast. Hopefully you get some good weather and can spend some time just walking around the inner harbor!


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