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Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

Another week has come and gone.  This week just happened to be my birthday week... which is always fun!  I'm excited for another weekend with Chris home.  Hope you have a great one too!


You will rarely find me wearing lipstick.  My makeup routine consists of a light foundation, some bronzer, eyeliner, and chapstick.  Since it's my birthday month, Sephora gave me a free gift of two lipstick pencils/stains.  One was a pink that almost matches my natural lips and the other was a red.  I NEVER wear red lipstick.  I decided to try it and apply it very lightly.  I liked how it gave me some color without a gloss (since I always find those taste funny).  My only negative was that it would dry out and flake a little after wearing it for a while.

lip stain | Express t-shirt (can't find online)


Last week, it was Noah's music teacher's birthday.   Noah and his friends have been going to her class for a long time now so we wanted to do something cute for her.  We brought in Noah's Melissa & Doug cupcake and candle set and the kids wished her a happy birthday.  We even tried to take a group picture with her having the boys hold a candle... easier said than done!


Noah LOVES taking Chris to Open Gym at Gymboree on Sundays.  Noah and I go to our Gymboree class during the week, but on the weekends he likes to show daddy all about it.  In class, they pretended the ladder was a train and Noah wouldn't stop talking about the choo-choo train all week.  I think Chris thought there might be something that actually looked like a train ;)  Chris is such a good dad and always comes up with some kind of fun game to play with Noah (see video here).  This time he made a cave like structure for Noah to go in and then put a big ball over it for Noah to knock off.  After doing it a couple of times, a bunch of other kids and their dads came over and we had to all start taking turns!  Chris is definitely the "fun" parent!


Noah and I ran some errands this week.  We hit our usual spots... Target & Costco.  There's a McDonalds in the same complex, so we stopped there for lunch before heading home.  I was so excited to get Shamrock Shake and was SUPER bummed when the machine wasn't working!  On top of that, our nuggets and fries were burnt.  I ended up throwing out half our meal and calling it a day!    We will be near another McDonalds today, so I really hope I can finally get one!  

^^^ I really do have such a classy lunch companion!  


We've started to decorate for Easter over here.  Here's a little sneak peek.  I'm a little bummed that it doesn't fit on Noah's play table chair like his Valentine's Day chair backer did.  

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  1. I love finding a lipstick/gloss that matches my lips so closely! I found an awesome Clinique lipstick called Black honey. It looks really dark in the tube but just gives a hint of color when you put it on, and it doesn't make your lips flaky and dry!

    I have never in my 35 years had a shamrock shake. Idk what it is but I just cant bring myself to try it lol

  2. My hubs is the fun parent, too - must be a thing! ;) And love your express shirt & lip gloss, so cute!

  3. That lip color looks great on you! I'm a chapstick girl myself but when I branch out (or just plain think about it) and go with some color, I'm usually pleasantly surprised with how much it perks up my look. Happy birthday week! I'm a March babe too!

  4. I love your new lip gloss! And I love how Noah is smiling in the background of that first photo :)
    So happy you were finally able to get your shamrock shake! (I saw your IG photo). I had one last year at your rec and it was so yummy!

  5. Nice pics... and happy birthday to your little guy! Hope he had fun celebrating! :)

  6. The lipstick looks great on you! I hate red or pink lips on myself, so I typically wear nude lipstock or gloss to actually tone down my naturally pink lips, ha!

  7. Girl, you need to rock lipstick more!! It looks great on you :) Try getting a tinted gloss, it doesn't flake as easily :)


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