The Adventure Starts Here: Decorating for Easter

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Decorating for Easter

Just last week I was talking about St. Patty's Day and now I'm fast forwarding right to Easter.  Since Easter is at the beginning of April this year, I decided to decorate for Spring with some Easter accents and skip right over St. Patty's day (at least for decor purposes).  I like my mantel and other decor items to last for a month or so, and if I decorated for St. Patty's Day, that wouldn't have happened.  No worries though, I made up for it with some super fun (and green) crafts and food!  

egg garland | pink lantern (Target Dollar Section)

In the living room, I limited the decor to the mantel and then just brought up our Spring/Summer pillows.  Noah is a huge fan of stuffed animals now, so his Easter bunny and lamb now have a prime seat on the couch :)

Pillows are from Target | bunny

In the dining room, I added some ceramic bunnies and am using the colorful placemats my mom gave me for my birthday.  Just some simple additions but make the room a little brighter.  

I love my bunny dish from Pottery Barn.  I've always used it as a candy dish but I love the idea of putting flowers in it for Easter Brunch!

 As for Noah, we took out his Easter chair backer and the always amusing Bathroom Bunny (from Hallmark).   We also swapped out the Valentine books for some Easter books.  We had most of these last year, but since we haven't read them in a year, Noah treats them as if they are new!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing how we get ready for Easter!  



  1. I love love the Easter decor :) So adorable
    Chelsea @

  2. Love the Easter decorations! So simple and so sweet!

  3. Love that bunny dish (and the mini eggs, yum) and that wreath! Flowers would be perfect in it for Easter brunch!

  4. LOVE your mantel! In my dream home, I want a mantel so bad! :)

  5. All the bunnies :) Love it! I want a fireplace so badly!!!


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