The Adventure Starts Here: A St. Patrick's Filled Weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2015

A St. Patrick's Filled Weekend!

This weekend was all about celebrating St. Patrick's Day!  Even though the actual holiday isn't until Tuesday, we wanted to include Chris in all the fun!  On Saturday, the plan was to meet our friends for breakfast and then go to the Morristown St. Patrick's Day Parade.  We went last year and had so much fun and we were really looking forward to it this year.  Unfortunately, it rained ALL DAY so we decided to skip the parade :(  We still dressed in our FLINN shirts and went out to breakfast with our friends... it was still a very fun morning!

Saturday evening, I left the boys at home and went to dinner with a friend.  Marlaina and I went to Olive Garden while Chris and Noah partied it up at home!  

We did some more celebrating on Sunday.  My parents came over for a rainbow inspired breakfast!  Chris made these rainbow fruit skewers, Noah and I made the apple zucchini muffins (on Saturday), and Noah helped make the colored pancake batter while my mom made the actual pancakes.  Breakfast turned out great and we all were super full by the end of it!  

^^^ the monkey was watching for Grandma & Grandpa when Noah woke up!

^^^ since we were scared Noah would hurt himself with the real skewer, Chris made Noah a kid version using a straw ;)

^^^ Noah NEVER wants pancakes... I guess I just have to make them yellow and then he will gobble them up!

We finished the weekend with some random errands at Target and Michaels.  We bought Noah this cute lion mask/hat at Michaels.  He wore it all over and would "ROAR" at people when we walked by!  Best $2 we've ever spent ;)

How was your weekend?


  1. So much fun - love the matching shirts!!!

  2. You all are too cute in your matching shirts! And Noah is adorable in his yellow rain coat! We missed our St. Patrick's Day parade this year since I didn't quite plan ahead. It snuck up on me! Luckily we accomplished lots of house projects instead!

  3. You and Noah are SO cute in your rain coats! Seriously. It's a framer.
    Also your festive breakfasts sounds so fun! I love the rainbow fruit and the rainbow pancake idea!


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