The Adventure Starts Here: 31 Things About Me on my 31st Birthday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

31 Things About Me on my 31st Birthday!

In honor of my 31st birthday today, I thought I would share 31 random things about myself.  

1.  I was born in Chester, England.  My parents and older brother were living there for 2 years (because of a job) when my mom got pregnant and had me.  We moved back to Canada when I was 16 months old.

2.  My entire family is Canadian and almost all of them still live there.  

3.  I still wear retainers every night to bed. 

4.  I got stitches on my lip as a baby.  I was "helping" with laundry and tripped on a blanket and fell into the corner of the door frame.

5.  Chris and I went on our first date on February 7th.  That's the same date as my parents' first date!   We went to McCormick and Schmick's for our first date, the same restaurant my brother and his wife went to on their first date!

6.  I am not a fan of the dark and scare easily. 

7.  In high school and college I would sleep walk and often have night terrors.  I'm still not a great sleeper.

8.  I have worn glasses or contacts since the 5th grade.  I can't even see the laptop screen in front of me without my glasses on.  

9.  I used to want to be an architect.  Growing up I would draw floor plans of my dream house.  

10.  My favorite food is pasta.  I could eat it EVERY night!

11.  My favorite treat is ice cream.  My favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip!

12.  I danced all through middle and high school.  I was even an assistant teacher to the little kids' classes.  

13.  I played the clarinet in middle school.  I stopped before high school because I didn't want to do the marching band. 

14.  I am the true middle child.  My older brother is blonde and blue eyed like my mom, my younger brother has dark hair and brown eyes like my dad, and I am a mixture of them both.  I had light brown hair as a child (that's only gotten darker) and hazel eyes.  

15.  I don't like talking on the phone.  I much prefer to text.  The only person I really talk to on the phone is my mom.  

16.  I have a huge fear of spiders and mice.  Growing up, if I saw any bug, I would scream until someone else would come kill it.  When we once had a mouse in my parents' house, my mom and I went to stay in a hotel until my dad killed the mouse... I get my fear from my mom I guess!

17.  I have never been a fan of deli sandwiches.  However, our grocery store prepares this "holy smoke" turkey sandwich with some secret sauce on it that I would get occasionally.  For some reason, when I was pregnant and told I couldn't eat deli meat, I craved this sandwich all the time!

18.  I love to go to the movies but I haven't seen most of the classics.  I am also horrible at quoting lines from movies!

19.  Chris and I got engaged after dating for only 8 months.  We were married 10 months later.  

20.  I grew up playing card games like Rummy with my dad.  Since he never let us win, I knew I was actually getting good when I would beat him.  I can't wait until Noah is old enough for me to teach him some card games.  

21.  I rarely ever JUST watch TV.  I always have to be doing something while it's on.  In high school I would do my homework while watching my shows.  Now I'm either on my computer or phone while watching.  I guess you can say I more "listen" to TV shows.  

22.  I watch way too many crime shows.  I love Castle, The Mentalist, Mysteries of Laura, the Law & Order Series, etc.  I had to stop watching Law & Order SVU because some of the episodes started to freak me out and give me bad dreams!  

23.  I HATE scary movies.  I could sort of handle the Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer type scary movies.  But the new paranormal and Saw type scary movies just freak the crap out of me.  I can't even watch the previews they show on TV!

24.  I love to do puzzles and play backgammon.  I used to play with my grandma and haven't done either in a long time.  I really wish I had more space to leave a big puzzle out.  I also wish I had a backgammon partner.

25.  Other than having a single room at college, I have never lived alone.  After college, I lived at home and moved in with Chris after we got married.

26.  Chris makes fun of me for my love of Pizza Hut.  I also love "real pizza" but sometimes I just need Pizza Hut!  

27.   I am slightly OCD with where things go.  Growing up, I knew if someone had been in my room based on if something was moved even slightly.  

28.  I go through phases where I eat the same thing for breakfast for months.  Then one day I just wake up and have no desire to eat it anymore.  Chris learned this the hard way when he stocked up on my favorite cereal and then I just stopped eating it one day.  

29.  My favorite color is purple.

30.  I worked at a dentist (the one my MIL still works at) during high school.  I contemplated majoring in dentistry but decided against it when I saw how many science classes I'd have to take.  

31.  Since my birthday is 3/3, my favorite/lucky number is 33.  


  1. Ugh Ive been wearing glasses since third grade and I am sooo blind without them. This was a fun post to read.

  2. These were great! I don't like scary movies, either...romantic comedies will do just fine. Oh and don't even get me started on the spider thing. LOL! Anyhoo, Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Count me on the "no scary movies" list. I was conned into seeing The Ring in college and it still creeps me out. A random note on puzzles - I just brought back my old puzzle board from my parents' house and a few puzzles. It's a board thing that closes shut over the puzzle so you don't have to have it out.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I love this post. It was so nice to get to know you better. I, too, and scared of spiders and am not a fan of the dark. I'm also terrified of scary movies and could only watch the Scream movies and I Know What You Did Last Summer because I told myself that since I never killed anyone, that couldn't happen to me. LOL.

  5. Love all those old pictures of you! And how cool that you & Chris only dated for 8 months!!!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday!! I share so many of these!lol (In particular, fear of the dark/creepy crawlies/thriller movies) And pizza hut....oh how i love pizza hut! (Are they the same store as we have here in NZ i wonder?)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!! :) Loved reading these things about you!! We have a few things in common, fellow middle child here, also can't watch scary movie previews among other things. Haha!! (I totally see Noah in the pictures of you as a kid.)


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