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Monday, February 16, 2015

Will You Be My Valentine? | Blogger Valentine Exchange

It's no secret that I love doing crafts with Noah.  We love to paint, color, use stickers, and make play-doh creations.  So when it was time to make Valentines I knew I wanted to have Noah help with his amazing two year old artistic skills.  Since I've had many experiences doing crafts with Noah, I've learned he prefers to be given free reign instead of being micromanaged.  So I decided to just have him paint multiple "pictures" using our watercolor paints.  He was adamant that I painted too and had me "help" him on each piece of artwork.  

Once he was finished painting, I let them dry and then I cut out some hearts.  I had bought some pre-cut hearts at Michaels that I then glued Noah's hearts to.  I then addressed them to all of Noah's friends (and some family members), wrote a little message, and signed Noah's name.  

Noah then helped by picking out a sticker or two for each Valentine to act as his "signature" :)

^^^ please excuse the black garbage bag over our table.  It was leftover from a recent painting project.

We had so much fun making our valentines!  One of my favorite things about this weird blogging world is the friendships I've recently made with my fellow bloggers.  I love connecting with other moms who have kids around Noah's age.  Elizabeth and I had a lot of fun hosting a Blogger Christmas Gift Exchange and knew we wanted to do something similar again soon.  Noah doesn't go to school yet and doesn't have a reason to give out a ton of valentines.  I reached out to Elizabeth to see if she'd be interested in hosting a Blogger Valentine Exchange.  She was on board, so we reached out to some of our blogger friends and we all decided to make and mail each of the kids a valentine.  Noah rarely gets mail, so it was so fun checking the mail and receiving these super cute valentine crafts and goodies.  I was super impressed with the valentines everyone sent!

Here are all the bloggers who participated in the exchange if you want to check out their blog:
Meghan & Noah @ The Adventure Starts Here
Elizabeth & Mason @ Chasin' Mason 
Tawnya & Scarlett @ All of Life's Little Adventures
Ashley & Waverly @ Words About Waverly
Megan & Olivia @ Willow Way
Sara, Mac & Mim @ Running from the Law
Laureen, Tyson & Harper @ Chateau Deveau
Tara, Declan & Calem @ A Tale of Four Maples

Happy Presidents' Day!  Chris is off today and I will be back tomorrow sharing our Weekend Recap :)


  1. Adorable hearts! He is great at painting!!

  2. Yea!! Thank you for hosting, it's always so fun. :) Looooooved your Valentines, so colorful!! Looks like Noah was really into it!! I think we'll have to pick up some water paints. Enjoy your 'extra' day together today!!

  3. Thanks for including us in the exchange, we loved receiving all the fun Valentines :) xoxo

  4. I love that Noah was so into painting! Sometimes I can get Mason to sit for like 3 seconds to color and we haven't tried painting yet. Maybe next time! We loved your valentine and it's hanging on our wall still :) I might leave them up until… Halloween? lol. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. All the valentine's are so adorable! I'm so sad to have missed out on this fun exchange, but my stress levels thank me! Next we will join for sure!


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