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Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Photos

While we didn't have much planned this weekend, we didn't have a problem staying busy.  Noah and Daddy had their one on one time and had fun taking silly selfies :)  

Chris spent some time emptying our garage so that I can park my car inside.  With all the snow and ice we've been getting, it will be so much nicer not to have to clean off my car and it will be easier to shovel an empty driveway.  Noah was fascinated that the car was now "inside" and had fun watching Chris figure out what to do with all the "stuff".  

Noah's toy grill that he used on the deck last summer was being stored in the garage.  Chris cleaned it up and brought it inside.  Noah is now obsessed with playing with it!

After a not so great night, Noah got up super early on Sunday!  Since I barely got any sleep, Chris took him to play in the basement while I slept a little more.  I got a text with this picture saying he plays with each toy for 5 minutes and then moves on... oh fun!

We then headed over to Open Gym at Gymboree.  When I take Noah for a "class" during the week, they don't have the balls out.  He always asks for them and I remind him that we only get to do that on the weekends when we go with daddy.  As soon as we walked in he asked for the balls :)

We spent the afternoon baking MORE apple zucchini muffins.  They are Noah's absolute favorite and we go through 24 muffins way too fast.  To be fair, whenever I make them my parents tend to stop by more... they love them too ;)  This time, we got a little creative (Chris' idea) and made them heart shaped for Valentine's Day.  Though I know they will not last until next weekend!

^^^ Noah loves to help with every single step!  From grating the zucchini, to mixing the ingredients, to filling the pan with the liners.  He is such a good helper in the kitchen!

^^^ I just love the way he's looking at me here.  I hope he always looks at me with such love!

^^^ helping Daddy put the marbles in

Chris' parents (Noah's Nonna & Granddad) came over around 4.  Noah loved showing them all his toys and brought them in the basement to play.  My favorite was when he started "fishing" with them but then lost interest and left to play with his car.  Nonna & Granddad continued fishing on their own.  

Chris and his dad went out to pick up some pizza and then we had some yummy Carvel cake for dessert.  Since Noah calls all cakes "happy" (for the happy birthday song), we decided to stick a candle in it and sing.  Noah was even able to blow the candle out all on his own this time!  

We finished the night playing Noah's favorite game.  Chase Granddad around the house and then scream when he catches him!  Then they started playing hide and go seek.  Granddad would hide and Noah would have the three of us as his search crew help find him.  He would yell hi and start cracking up EVERY TIME he found Granddad.  We must have done it at least a dozen times!  

How was your weekend?


  1. I love that he has the cupcakes on the grill lol. Charbroiled cupcakes for dessert. Yum :)
    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the way he is looking at you in that one photo!!! Framer for sure!
    Did you share the recipe for these muffins before? Can you link me to them? If you guys love them so much, I'm thinking we would too!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. YES, the picture of you two baking and Noah looking at you is ADORABLE!! :) What a fun idea, heart-shaped muffins!! :)


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