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Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Photos

While technically there's not too much to share with you about this weekend, I'd be a bad blogger if I didn't give you a recap anyway ;)  We did take Noah to get a hair cut and go for dinner at Chipotle.  But other than that, we stayed in and Noah ate his weight in apple zucchini muffins and popsicles, played with play-doh for hours, and of course watched the Super Bowl while eating lots of yummy snacks.  While it may not have been exciting, it was definitely one of my favorite weekends.   

Haircuts have been kind of traumatic for Noah.  His first haircut ever went fine, but since then he would cry the whole time.  I started having him sit on my lap for it and the last two times we were able to bribe him with mini M&Ms.  This time, I told him we were going that morning and he actually seemed excited about it.  He even sat in the little car all by himself, and while he was serious, he didn't get upset.  We didn't even need the Skittles we had brought him in case of emergency!  My little boy is growing up!

Even though we got to Chipotle at 4:45, the line was still all the way to the door!  Noah was a great sport waiting in line!  He was fascinated by the kitchen prep once we got up to that point in line.  Noah and I often go here for lunch with my mom, and he rarely eats very much.  But tonight, he ate his WHOLE quesadilla, some rice, and a few chips... we were shocked!

Noah has learned that Daddy is the fun one.  He gets to eat his breakfast while watching his iPad, they play "broom hockey", and they watch football together :)

I brought Noah up to bed right before the halftime show started.  I was so tired that I ended up going to bed right after.  The game didn't mean much to me and after that super depressing Nationwide commercial, I didn't really care anymore.   I'm sure Chris will fill me in on the game and the best commercials this morning.  

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  1. So cute! I love seeing the dads and their sons. I swear Seth is the fun one around here too!


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