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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend Photos | Valentine's Day Weekend

As promised, I'm back today to recap our long holiday weekend.  Not only was it Valentine's Day on Saturday, but Chris had off yesterday for Presidents' Day.  Even though Chris was at work on Friday, I figure I'll start my recap there, since that's when our Valentine "festivities" started.

On Friday morning, we went to Wompy's (our music class) like we always do.  It's super cold here in New Jersey, so I dressed him in a red sweater... warm and festive!  Class was super fun since there were only 4 kids there (I'm assuming a bunch of people went away for the long weekend).   There was one boy trying the class for the first time, but the other 2 kids are Noah's good friends :)

After music class, Noah and I ran to Home Goods with our friends Nicole & Quinn and then had lunch at McDonalds.  Noah is a full year older than Quinn and has known him since he was a baby.  Quinn was an early walker and talker and even though Noah is quite a bit taller, these too have so much fun together!  They even hugged each other without any prompts from us... how cute are they!

Friday afternoon, we went to a MOMS Club Valentine's Party.  There were crafts, cookies, and lots of toys for the kids to play with.  Noah had so much fun!  Check out this video of him going down the "roller coaster".  He spent the majority of the party here and Chris and I ended up buying it for him this weekend as a result!  

On Saturday, while we didn't have any set "plans" for Valentine's Day, we did spend the entire day celebrating with Noah.  The normal Saturday routine is that Chris gets up with Noah and lets me sleep a little longer.  They usually play in the basement and then swing by the dry cleaners, bagel shop or Dunkin Donuts, and grab a few things at the grocery store.  Noah usually loves doing this, but this weekend he said he didn't want to go and instead only wanted to play in the basement and do play-doh.  Chris had hoped Noah would help pick out the donuts and some flowers for me.  Instead, Chris went on his own and picked up some heart shaped donuts and flowers for me from Noah and himself.  

I had wanted to make all of our meals festive by using a heart shape cookie cutter or eating red foods.    I didn't realize my cookie cutters were all too big, so we cut the cheese into hearts free-hand (Chris did the top 2 and I did the bottom 2) and called it a day.   Since I had no desire to cook, Chris picked up our favorite... Chinese!  We tend to eat it a lot, but it's one meal I can guarantee Noah will eat!  

Throughout the day we gave little Valentine gifts to each other.  Noah gave both of us a card, Chris and I exchanged cards, and both of Noah's grandparents sent cards in the mail (in addition to some cute little gifts).  We gave Noah a steam roller play-doh set and filled his chair backer with a few books.  Here's a video of him opening his gifts!

As I mentioned before, I got flowers from both Chris and Noah.  I was also given pounds of chocolate and candy as well as some delicious chocolate covered strawberries!  Chris also got me and Noah a Valentine's Day balloon, though I think Noah has claimed them both as his own (and I'm totally okay with that!).  I gave Chris a framed "Love Print" and Noah painted him a canvas.  I had originally planned to get this print on Minted, but realized I could make something similar using Photoshop and it would be a lot cheaper.  If you would like to make your own customized print, just let me know and I'll email you the .psd file.  

I'm naturally a homebody, so spending the day at home in my sweat pants with my two guys was just how I wanted to spend my Valentine's Day.  Noah had a cough and a runny nose and was happy to just snuggle.  I was glad we didn't have any plans and have to leave him when he wasn't feeling great.  

On Sunday, we had intended to take Noah to Open Gym at Gymboree, but since we were wiping his nose every ten minutes, we decided it was best to keep him home.  We did however venture out after his nap.  It was pretty cold and windy out, but we bundled up and ran some errands.  We went to Costco and Target and Noah was so happy to be able to walk around instead of ride in the cart.  I've told him that when it's just me and him he has to sit in the cart but that if Chris or my mom is with us he can walk (since we have an extra person to run after him in case).  He's actually pretty good at staying close by.  We finished our outing by grabbing dinner at Applebees.

I love how Noah is choosing a drink from the menu!  He settled on lemonade but then proceeded to drink both his lemonade and Chris' water at the same time!

We had a fairly productive Monday.  The plumber came by first thing to check out our downstairs toilet.  We've been having some issues with it clogging for no reason and we are in the process of deciding whether it can be fixed or if we need a new one.  Hopefully we can make do a little longer.  

Chris then watched Noah while I went to get a pedicure.  More so than getting a pretty color painted on, my feet were in desperate need of all the preparation involved in a pedicure.  This kind lady spent a long time making my heels super soft!  

When I got home, Chris then headed out to meet a friend for lunch.  Chris rarely goes out with his friends on his own anymore, so I'm glad he was able to make these plans!   We then spent the rest of the day just playing with Noah.  We read so many books!  We read in bed when he got up from his nap and again after dinner.  It was a nice change of pace to read as a family instead of watching TV.


  1. What a great weekend!! I love Noah's reaction when opening his gifts/books, so sweet. :) Also, love his sheets.

  2. What a GREAT weekend!!! (minus the cold - both Noah's and the weather). I am so jealous of all the fun food you guys had... especially Dunkin Donuts. I've heard so much about them and they are just starting to put some around here. The lines are INSANE so I may need to wait until the new-ness wears off before I try it!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend, oh what I wouldn't give for a pedicure and I love the colour you chose for your toes :)

    Adam doesn't go out a lot anymore with his friends, either making me feel so guilty when I go out :(


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