The Adventure Starts Here: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it!  Since it's on a Saturday this year, I'm just looking forward to spending it with my two favorite guys and don't really care about the materialistic things.  Chris and I got a few little things to give to Noah (the play-doh steamroller and a couple of books) and other than that I plan to take a heart shape cookie cutter to all of his food ;)  

While perusing Pinterest one day, I found these bangles and the necklace.  I have really started to love rose gold recently and I love the idea of the mantra bracelet and the initials necklace.  If I were to get a bangle, I would want "choose joy".  It would go perfectly with my word of the year "Content".  I of course would have to put the initials of my family on the necklace!  

We just got these new fitbits through Chris' work.  They have a fitness incentive program and they just upgraded everyone from a standard pedometer to this one.  So while we already both have one, I think it would make a great gift!  And while I won't be getting Chris one (since he told me not to), he did mention the other day (when on Noah's) that it was nice to look up websites on the iPad mini compared to the phone.  I am very tempted to ignore him and get him one!


  1. Those bangles are beautiful!! Might need to add those to my 'wish list'. :)
    We also get pedometers through my husbands work, they've been very basic standard ones but recently came out with newer ones to be competitive with all those 'cooler' options out there maybe? I'm looking forward to upgrade too!! :)

  2. I LOVE the necklace. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I've been looking for a necklace like this. I kinda wish it wasn't $80 but it is nice that it comes with 3 pennants. I love the one with the heart on it but then that only leaves 2 more for initials. Maybe I can get a M and a S and a heart and it would mean I love Seth and Mason :)


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