The Adventure Starts Here: Oscar Fashion

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Fashion

In case you didn't know, last night was the Oscars.  I have to admit this was the only awards show this season that I actually watched any part of.  I was super excited to hear that NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) was hosting.  I made sure to watch the opening number and loved it.  I'm also a big Anna Kendrick fan so it was cool to see her in it as well.  

After that however, the fashion is what kept my interest.  I hadn't seen any of the movies nominated, but I did enjoy seeing what some of my favorite actresses were wearing.  Just as with the other award shows, I noticed a trend with the dresses I loved.  This award show I seemed to prefer the lighter colored gowns.  I loved how the gowns below each had some dramatic flair.  Whether it was with sequins, a large flower, or ornate beading, they all wowed me in some way!  

As much as I love the best dressed, it's always fun to see some bad dresses too.  While I feel bad to make a center shot out of a non-celebrity, the joke Neil Patrick Harris made after her acceptance speech made me laugh out loud!   We were all thinking that right?

NPH: "It takes balls to wear a dress like that"!  HAHAHA!

Did you watch the Oscars, the red carpet, or none of it at all?  Who were on your best dressed list?


  1. Loooooved Jo's dress!!! I always get excited for the oscar's!!

  2. Love your fav picks! Anna Kendrick was by far my favorite!!!


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