The Adventure Starts Here: It's The Little Things - Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's The Little Things - Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Two weekends ago, after Noah got his new hair cut, we decided to do a Valentine's Day photo shoot.  All that really meant was that Noah was wearing his Valentine's Day shirt and we had him read a Valentine's Day book... super fancy I know!  Noah was a great sport and I love what we ended up with!

First we gave him the Curious George Valentine's Day book to read. 

Then he started "reading" the book to George. 

Next thing I know, Chris and him are playing catch, with George as the "ball"!

I guess posing for pictures makes Noah hungry, because he took a snack break.  Noah is very accustomed to just opening the fridge himself now!  We will be playing in the living room when he will all of a sudden get up and go walk to the kitchen, and then I hear the doors to the fridge open!  The only thing he can reach himself is the cheese, so often he has to come back and ask for help anyway ;)

We finished our photo shoot with some silly faces in front of his growth chart.  I can usually get him to stand still and smile for me when I say "let's see how tall you are".  This day he was really hamming it up giving me the many faces of Noah!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how CUTE! His shirt is my fave (and so is his smile!)

  2. That shirt is too cute! And how funny that he goes to the fridge and helps himself. Mason would do that but our handle is up too high so we hold him and he pulllllllls and grabs a yogurt from the top shelf lol. These kids are getting so big and so independent!


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