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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's The Little Things | Play-Doh

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but Noah is currently OBSESSED with play-doh.  My mom got him a few sets for his birthday and Christmas and would play it with him whenever she watched him.  While my mom is the one who officially sparked his love with play-doh, he is happy to play it with anyone who is willing.

Noah has multiple sets, including some diggers, a kitchen with food molds, a cake decorating set, and a Jake and the Never Land Pirates set.  While the sets are super fun, we also enjoy just using some cookie cutters or even making our own creations, like snowmen.  Noah has found some YouTube videos of people creating some pretty amazing masterpieces.  While ours are nothing to be admired, it's a lot of fun being creative with Noah.  

The only part that Noah doesn't like is when it's time to clean up.  To be fair, he doesn't mind sweeping up the little pieces that fall on the floor or getting the vacuum out.  The part he doesn't like is that after making all his creations, he is not keen on destroying them by putting the play-doh back in their containers.  However, play-doh will dry up if not put back in the sealed container, making it almost impossible to mold and use the next time.  We have had to throw many colors out because of this!  We've now decided to buy the smaller containers of each color instead in hopes to reduce the amount wasted.  Thankfully my mom is happy to keep Noah's play-doh supply fully stocked ;)

While I love watching Noah be creative with the play-doh, I am not too happy when he starts smooshing colors together.  I guess it's a combination of my OCD tendencies coming out and not wanting to ruin the play-doh by having no distinctive colors to use.  I've tried to limit the amount of colors we have out at a time to try to contain the mess, but sometimes it's so hard to say no to this little kid!  

Do your kids love play-doh?  Do you prefer to use the sets or just use the play-doh to make your own creations?  

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  1. We haven't played playdoh too much around here. But Aria did get a princess playdoh set for Christmas, but we've only played with it the once. She seemed to love it, but tried to eat it over and over and over. geesh. I'm with you on the OCD color mixing haha. We should play with it more! I love all the sets and the pic at the table with the two buddies.

  2. Diggers and pirates Play-Doh?!! Mac would freak out about those! Love it!

  3. How fun! I have a love/hate with play-doh... The mess is no fun. I held off on introducing it as long as possible, but Liam's Grandpa gave him some just last weekend and now he is obsessed!

  4. We'be just started on the Play-doh over here and Reed loves it so far. We don't have any sets, but he loves snipping it with the plastic scissors. I am a color police too. He is only allowed to have one color out at a time.

  5. We LOVE play dough here too! I usually just make some home made stuff, but I LOVE the smell of the play-doh brand, I always have. Is that weird?! haha!


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