The Adventure Starts Here: It's The Little Things | A Noah Update... 2.25!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's The Little Things | A Noah Update... 2.25!

While I've stopped with the traditional monthly updates since Noah turned 2, I thought it would be fun (and useful for documentation purposes) to do quarterly updates.  Noah is now 2 and a quarter :)  In some ways it's easier to describe Noah's changes after 3 months compared to 1, but in other areas I feel like there is so much that has changed since November!   The pictures below are from a week ago, before Noah got his haircut.  

Physical Growth

Noah has grown a little since his birthday, but really nothing significant.  He is 36 1/2 inches tall and weighs 32 lbs.  


Not too many monumental changes in the last 3 months.  Noah is getting better at the stairs and doesn't have to hold our hand anymore, but he does still need to hold the wall or the railing.  He's becoming slightly braver when it comes to slides and jumping to us (like from the side of the pool).

He's really good at throwing a ball and is getting better at catching one too!  Noah often uses his left hand to eat and paint, but we have found that he throws better with his right arm.  I guess only time will tell what his dominant hand really is.   

He's been able to blow his nose for months now, but he just learned to blow out of his mouth too.  My dad was showing him how to whistle and Noah imitated him.  Now he can blow on hot food or at candles normally instead of like he's blowing his nose ;)

He's at the age where he wants to do a lot of things on his own.  Like peeling a banana (which he's actually really good at) and taking off his own coat.  If you try to help him he gets upset and wants to start over.  I've had to put the coat back on him a few times and try to put the peel back on the banana the best I could just so he could do it himself.


Noah's speech is probably the thing that's changed the most in the past 3 months.  His vocabulary is growing every day and even says a few two-word sentences.  Noah started talking later compared to some of his friends, so it's nice to see Noah really starting to talk more now!  Words that he says on a daily basis now include the following.  He says way more, but these are his favorites :)

I do
I busy
I love you
Open & Closed
Up & down
More (says bore)
Please and Thanks
One more (one bore) and then holds up both hands for ten more
Empty (when he's finished his drink or cleared his plate)
And he has the cutest "yeah"
Hot and Brr (for cold)

Mama (says mamama) & Dada
Papa, Grandma, Nonna
Noah (though is sounds similar to Nonna)
He now has all his animal sounds down

Spoon and Bib
Cheese, Apple (for the fruit and juice), Broccoli, Pepper

Toys & TV:
Argh (for Jake and the Never Land Pirates)
Choo Choo (for trains)
Abby (from Sesame Street)

Body Parts:
Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Eyebrow, Butt, Elbow, Hat (for hair and hat)


He can say blue, black, purple and can identify blue & black by sight

Favorite Foods

Noah still loves his greek yogurt and has it every morning for breakfast.  He loves to snack on cheese, bananas, apples, popsicles, and fruit snacks!  His drink of choice is apple juice, but if I give him a poland spring bottle he will drink water like a champ.  It's hit or miss with him liking meat, but he always loves cheese, bread, and fruit :)  


Noah is a typical 2 year old who has the occasional "tantrum" when he gets frustrated.  Usually it's because he either can't express what he wants or he thinks we don't understand what he wants instead of us saying he just can't do what he wants.   I have found that 99% of the time I can quickly calm him down by getting down on his level and calmly talking to him.  I will tell him to calm down and ask him what it is he wants.  He can usually find a way to tell me and then I can either help him or explain to him that I understand what he wants but that we can't do that right now.  We've only had to do timeout a handful of times, and it's usually because he's hitting or kicking and doesn't stop when we tell him no.  This also usually happens when he's tired or hungry.

He has his moments where he only wants me.  This sometimes hurts Chris' feelings.  I honestly think he just likes to show that he's in charge and can decide who he wants to do things for him (like get him his drink or snack, read him a book, etc.).


Sleep has improved a lot.  I rock him to sleep between 8 and 8:30 and he starts the night off in his crib.  At first he was usually waking up between 12:30 and 2:30 which is when I bring him into his big boy bed and sleep with him the rest of the night.  But recently he's been lasting in his crib until anywhere from 3:30-5 am... those are great nights!  He used to be getting up between 7 and 7:30, but since he's been sleeping longer in his crib, he often wakes up closer to 6 am!  You can read about our recent sleep progress here.


Noah's favorite TV shows are now Curious George and Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  While he still watches Bubble Guppies and Sesame Street, I wouldn't consider them his favorites anymore.  He also LOVES to watch YouTube videos.  Originally he watched them on the TV or on our phones, but now that he has his own iPad mini, he watches them on there.  He usually watches videos about construction vehicles and play-doh.  Sometimes these videos are in different languages.  He's even started watching old-school Donald Duck videos.  He also found Peppa Pig and loves watching it on his iPad when we first wake up in the morning... I love hearing him say "Peppa".  I'm amazed how he finds these all on his own too!  He's also started doing puzzles on the iPad and I'm impressed at how good he is at them!

Noah is really into his stuffed friends right now.  It started with Elmo and Curious George, but now it's extended to the whole Jake crew (Jake, Izzie, Cubby, and Scully).   His love for Jake and the Never Land Pirates has also made him enjoy his bath again!  We went through a phase where he refused baths and instead took showers with me.  He then got a Jake bath toy for Christmas, and since then he's happy to take a bath daily!  

Noah recently became obsessed with play-doh!  6 weeks ago he didn't even know it existed and now he wants to do it on a daily basis.  He has a few sets and loves playing it with whoever is willing!  We went to a play date where they had some out and he immediately became anti-social, only wanting to play with the play-doh, and getting seriously upset when another kid wanted to play too!

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  1. I'm glad to have found your blog through your comment on mine! Our little guys are so close in age - Noah must be just a few days older than Reed. I'm laughing because I just decided to swap to quarterly too and have that post all drafted up. I'm also laughing because Reed is just breaking 24 lbs and wears a size 5 shoe. It would be interesting to see them side by side!

  2. Love all the pictures! What a happy boy! And big too! Liam is still sneaking into his 2T PJs although 3T will be moving in quickly!

  3. I feel like I should be documenting better because I don't remember any of what Mason did when. I did birth to one but after that I stopped. Since you mentioned shows that he likes... Mason just became obsessed with that new show on Disney Jr - Miles from Tomorrowland. He's been watching it on the iPad for weeks and we taped the ones that came on on Friday. I didn't like it at first but it's quite catchy now! Noah might like it :)

  4. Aw, I think it's great that you're still doing somewhat of an update with Noah! You're definitely going to want to look back & remember these times! He's such a cutie, too!


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