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Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

In some ways this week went by quickly and in others it dragged.  It didn't snow (though it was very cold), Noah and I stayed healthy, and we were able to go to all our planned activities.  Chris has been very busy at work but he only missed bedtime one night (last night).  We have a fun weekend plan, with lots of birthday celebrations :)  Have a great weekend!


We finally got to visit with my friend Kristen and her baby Sawyer.  I say finally because we were supposed to go last week but decided to postpone since Noah had a runny nose and Sawyer is only 3 months old.  I'm so glad Noah could finally meet his future friend and that I got to have some girl talk with Kristen!  Sawyer slept for most of the time, but Noah was smitten with him while he was awake.  While Sawyer slept, Kristen read Noah a book, cut him up some yummy apple and oranges, and let him explore (and somewhat destroy) Sawyer's nursery!  He was so exhausted after his morning of fun that he fell asleep immediately when we got in the car!

photo taken by Kristen Boylan


Noah LOVES his music class Wompy's.  Two of his friends are in our class and they have a blast together.  The first part of class is always the same and Noah has the routine down pat.  Per Chris' request, this past week I got it on video.  


Since we go back to our old town for music class each week, we like hang out with our friends after class as well, instead of heading straight home.  This past week we went out for a late breakfast with the three kids.  We entertained them with Thomas stickers until the food came.  I was shocked that Noah was happy to sit in his high chair and ate most of his food... he usually just wants to get down and play!  As a result I was able to eat my entire meal.  I was on cloud nine until the waitress said she was "impressed" I could eat the whole thing!  She might as well said, "wow you're a pig!".


This week I met up with a friend at the mall.  We walked around with the kids and stopped at a few stores.  I picked up this new foundation at Sephora and this new shirt at Express.  I tried to find it online but couldn't.  I went in looking for their new One Eleven collection after Natasha mentioned it.  The sales girl had to go ask about it and this was the only shirt she said they had in stores from the collection so far.  It runs super large but it's so soft and comfortable!  


Noah and I are sporting some "new" hair dos this week.  I've decided to wash my hair every other day and just do some loose curls on the second day to keep it looking fresher.  We've also started spiking Noah's hair again! 

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