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Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

Is everyone ready for Valentine's Day tomorrow?  I'm loving that it is on a Saturday this year, so that Chris can get in on the fun of making it a special heart filled day for Noah.  While I wouldn't mind a special little treat from Chris tomorrow, I am more excited about making it a super special day for Noah.  Isn't it great how kids can make holidays even more fun!  But instead of making my "Friday Five" all about Valentine's Day, my list just so happens to be some great items (for Noah and myself) I found recently while doing some online shopping.  Even though we are keeping a close eye on our budget now, it's still fun to look around :)


Noah is a huge fan of graphic t-shirts.  We get most of our shirts from Old Navy & Gap.  He loves anything with a car or digger on it as well as characters from his favorite TV shows!  I saw this shirt in the store, but they didn't have Noah's size.  I will definitely have to order it.  


Instead of going to Florida again this winter, we will be living it up in the snow and cold for a few more months.  Last year, I did a lot of "cruise wear" shopping.  I picked up this hat for Noah and he loved it!  He wore it all summer and it was never a fight to have him put it on.  However, by the time the summer came, they were sold out of the boy version of the hat.  So I knew this year I needed to order one early.  I love the new stripe print this year and we got a medium and a large just in case his head grows before he gets a chance to wear it this summer :)

swim hat


While on the Hanna Andersen website, I took a look at their PJs.  I love the quality of all their PJs and beside getting a Christmas pair each year, we love their traditional striped sets.  These construction PJs immediately caught my eye and I want to order them ASAP!



I have yet to order anything from Hanna Anderson for myself, but I'm currently loving the drapey t-shirts.  Combine that with a nice stripe and I'm sold.  


While I definitely don't "need" another bag, I love this mint color and the fact that it's reversible.  And the price is really unbeatable, especially if you use a coupon!

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  1. I'm such a sucker for Hanna Andersson too but I've never bought anything for myself. That shirt is super cute!

  2. Oh, I love HA. I know a little boy that would go nuts over those tractor jammies! And that shirt looks so comfy!


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