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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Photos

Most of you probably didn't even notice, but I didn't get to post my Five on Friday last week.  Our whole week (and weekend) got turned around when Noah and I both got sick.  Last Wednesday, Noah got a runny nose.  At first it was only when he sneezed, but then it started gushing non-stop.  Bedtime was normal, but he woke up earlier than usual (11:30) crying a lot and his nose was running really bad!  I brought him into bed with me and gave him Tylenol.  He slept fine the rest of the night, but by this time I felt horrible!  I woke up at 12:30 and had to rush to the bathroom to throw up!  I haven't done this since I was in college, and it wasn't from the flu ;)  I continued to throw up the remainder of the night.  Thankfully, my mom came over in the morning to watch Noah so that I could sleep.  Not only was I still having stomach issues, but I just felt weak in general.  I could barely stand for more than a minute.  The flu probably lasted 48 hours but I still didn't feel back to normal by the weekend.  And Noah developed a cough on top of the runny nose, thankfully no fever though.  We cancelled all our plans and decided to just take it easy.  Good thing we did, because Chris woke up on Sunday with a slightly different version of the stomach flu I had.  And then Noah woke up in the middle of Sunday night/Monday morning throwing up as well.  Thankfully, both of their bouts with the stomach bug didn't last as long as mine.  Noah woke up Monday morning happy and ready to play!  Here's to hoping we have a better week!

^^^ singing Old McDonald with Grandma

^^^ making Grilled Cheese for lunch

^^^ doesn't everyone eat their waffles on the kitchen floor?

^^^ playing cars with Daddy

^^^ we watched way too much TV/iPad shows this weekend!

^^^ notice the mismatched PJs after having to change him multiple times in the middle of the night from throwing up :(

 ^^^ back at it first thing Monday morning!


  1. I definitely noticed! I thought you may have taken a road trip with the long weekend, so I didn't text or call! I even said to Brian "I wonder if Meg is sick; she never misses Five on Friday." Then I had to explain what that was. I'm glad you're feeling better. We need a date soon <3

  2. Thank goodness for Moms! Glad yall are feeling better~!


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