The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Photos - Fun in the Snow!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend Photos - Fun in the Snow!

We had a pretty fun weekend!  As often happens in the winter, some of our plans got rearranged because of weather and illness, but that's to be expected.  Originally, we were supposed to go to Chris' parents' house for lunch on Saturday and go to my parents' house for dinner on Sunday.  But then we got a fair amount of snow early Saturday morning and my mom came down with the same stomach flu we all had (not surprised since she was with me and Noah during our worst).  So instead, we stayed home and played in the snow on Saturday morning and decided to go to Chris' parents' house for dinner on Sunday.  

We all bundled up in our snow gear to play in the snow and watch Chris shovel the driveway and walkway.  In reality, Chris is the one that plays with him and I take pictures ;)  

^^^ in awe of the digger and snow plows driving by!

Noah got to test out the new sled my mom got him earlier this month.  This time we just stuck to our neighborhood and Chris dragged Noah on the sled back and forth down the side walk.  

We then headed to the backyard and Noah played on his "climber" for a little while.  We are currently having an issue with finding snow appropriate mittens, so he quickly lost interest and wanted to go inside.  We started off with some water proof gloves, but they looked HUGE on his hands and he could barely pick anything up with them on.  He hit them against his wagon until he got one off and then pulled the other one right off.  I grabbed his everyday mittens that fit great, but they are definitely not meant for the snow and were soaked almost immediately.  He then wanted those off too... I'm not sure what's worse, bare hands of wearing cold and wet mittens!  That night I went searching for the mittens that came with his infant snow suit.  They are waterproof and still fit, but they have no thumbs.  They are better than our current options, but definitely not ideal.  I would love to hear what your toddlers wear as mittens in the snow!

Back inside, we warmed up with some hot chocolate and Noah played before going down for a nap.  I'm a little bummed that his naps are now averaging one hour to an hour and a half.  I miss his two hour naps!

We had a really nice relaxing night inside.  We ordered in some Chinese food and watched Glee while Noah did some puzzles on his iPad.

On Sunday, we ran errands in the morning.  We are expecting a snow storm today, so we wanted to get our shopping done before we got stuck inside!  Sunday evening, we went to Chris' parents' house for dinner.

We then came home and read some books before bedtime.  Noah has about 3-4 books that he wants to read every night!  Most of his favorite books have a stuffed animal that "goes with them".

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! The snow in other people's photos always looks so fun but I know I would freeze if I lived in it. However, your sled photos and how excited Noah is about the diggers driving by almost makes me want to at least come visit it :)
    Mason loves that puzzle app too! He's been playing it all morning!


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