The Adventure Starts Here: Monthly Goals | January 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Monthly Goals | January 2015

Happy New Year!  There's something about a new year that really gives you a fresh start.  This year, I decided that instead of making resolutions for all of 2015, that I would focus on a few monthly goals.  I think it will make me focus on more specific things and keep me more accountable.  I also love reading other bloggers' monthly goals, including Tawnya at All of Life's Little Adventures, so I thought why not give it a try!

January 2015 Goals  

Go for a walk with Noah at least twice a week  
In the warmer months this would be easy and we would take more than 2 walks a week.  But with the winter weather, I think this is a fine goal.  Ideally I'd like it to be around our neighborhood, but if the weather gets too frigid or snowy, I plan to take our walks to the mall (but not to shop).  

Do my yoga DVD twice a week during Noah's nap
While I love my computer time, I should really be more productive while Noah naps.  I figure that if I don't get to it during the week, I can at least make up for it on the weekends.

Cut out caffeine
Thankfully, I'm not and never have been a coffee drinker.  So my caffeine comes in the form of Diet Cokes.  I want to drink more water this month and if I do need something fizzy to drink Ginger Ale instead.  I did it when I was pregnant with Noah and it wasn't so bad.  

Be more cognizant of my spending
Chris and I have both discussed that we need to budget more this year.  After this past year of buying and decorating a house, it seemed like all we were doing was spending money.  Target trips and online shopping can add up quickly, so this month I really only want to buy things we need.  We have some big expenses coming up, so I'd rather keep the discretionary spending to a minimum.  This will definitely be the hardest goal for me.  

Organize our kitchen closets
I feel like we finally have the house decorated.  The part that I feel is lacking right now is the organization part.  I like to be clean and tidy so I'd really like to put a system in place for our pantry, closet, and drawers so that the kitchen is a more organized place.  Hopefully I can show you the finished product in February!

Are you a resolution person or do you find monthly goals more attainable?

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  1. I love these monthly goals :) Happy New Year
    Chelsea @

  2. Love your monthly goals!! :) I also love reading others' goals, give me some inspiration! :) Thanks for the shout out love! xo

  3. I'm writing about this next week! Call me crazy but I feel like setting goals is so much more attainable than a resolution. I feel like resolutions already have a ban connotation because you always hear about people "breaking their resolutions" and working towards goals seems so much more achievable.
    I think you set some really great goals for January!

  4. Love reading these goals! So inspirational. I'm not much of a resolution type gal, but I do tend to make goals. Writing them down is like setting yourself up for success! So much easier to attain because it is on the forefront of your mind. Good luck!

  5. Great goals - spending cognizance and the weekly walks are two I should probably add to my list. It's tough in the winter (and harder as I'm getting heavier and baby is lower) but walking is sooooo important for health!

  6. How have I never come across your blog before????

    Great goals! Thanks for linking up with us! :)


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