The Adventure Starts Here: Master Bedroom Reveal

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Master Bedroom Reveal

Today I want to share our Master Bedroom with you.  

First, I want to share with you what the Master Bedroom looked like when we first saw the house.  While the wall color is not my preference, I immediately loved how large and airy the room looked.  I have to say that I really loved how the previous owners decorated and maintained the house.  While I know that people clean more when their house is on the market, I could tell these people were just neat and organized all the time.  

This is the room on move in day.  The carpets were in good shape, but we decided to paint the walls and replace the brown air vents on the floor with some white ones.  

There was also this mirror and light hung up in a hallway nook across from the closet and next to the bathroom.  I found this area to be redundant and unnecessary since the bathroom was right next door and there was no vanity counter here.  The master closet isn't the biggest, so we decided to remove the mirror and light fixture and put an armoire there to provide extra storage.  Since we removed the light, the hallway was a little dark, so we had the electrician run the wiring up to the ceiling and install a pot light instead.  

Here's the finished product.  We painted the walls gray, got some new furniture, hung some curtains and frames, and called it a day. We brought our bed and comforter from the apartment, but switched up the pillow based on the new curtains we purchased.  We had black furniture in our old master bedroom, but I wanted a lighter look in the new master bedroom.  I also didn't think the large dresser would work based on the placement of the window.  Instead, we got two smaller white dressers and Chris and I each get one.  We also got two new white side tables.  

In one corner, is my dresser.  I found the mirror at Target and have my jewelry and perfume out on display.  Very recently, my dad hung up my bridal bouquet shadow box as well as a bunch of 4x6 frames.  Right now they have a mixture of wedding and anniversary photos.  My plan is to eventually have pictures from each of our anniversaries hanging on the wall.  There are 10 frames on the wall and so far we've celebrated 4 anniversaries... so I think this set up should last us a while ;)

The other corner has Chris' dresser.  Right now we have a TV on the dresser, but honestly we NEVER even turn it on.  In our first apartment we had it in our kitchen and we just didn't know where to put it in the new house.  Since our bedroom is right next to Noah's room, I don't like to turn it on when he's sleeping in fear of waking him.  We also hung some black and white prints from some of our vacations.  On this wall we have San Francisco, Monterey, Newport (RI), and Cancun.  

We hung more prints above the bed, but these are all from our Honeymoon... Venice, Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast.  I would still love to get a headboard for our bed and feel like a real adult.  But that kind of thing can wait for right now.  

Here's the hallway I was referring to above.  On the left is where the mirror and light fixture were.  We had our painter patch the hole up and we instead put this armoire here.  The door straight ahead leads to the bathroom and the door on the right is our closet.  The door on the far left is a small linen closet, very handy to have in our bedroom.  

So there you have it, our master bedroom!  Nothing fancy, but totally fits our style :)

Source List:
Bedding (I can't find our current comforter, but we use this one in the summer)

If you are curious about anything else in the room, let me know in the comments :)


  1. I love this!!! Looks so cute and fresh :)

  2. Hey!! Looks great, love the color (and all things Hemnes). :) I especially love that you incorporate some of your travel pictures!!

  3. the room looks great! I love the colours you have chosen!!!

    Thanks for linking up again this week for the Saturday Spotlight! :)

  4. stopping by from the linkup - this is lovely! I like the gray - what brand/shade is it? :)

  5. LOVE the color that you chose! Looks like a cozy and calming room to be in. And love the white dressers!

  6. How darling is your wedding bouquet shadow box?! I have my dried bouquet and just don't know what to do with it (only eight years later haha) and this is such a great idea!


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