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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's The Little Things | Winter Activities

I don't know about you, but life with a toddler seems harder in the winter versus the summer.  In the warmer months there always seems to be another fun activity to do.  We had a good routine, including morning walks, drinking smoothies on the deck, meeting friends at the playground, and going to the pool.  I find Noah and I do best when we keep our days busy.  Winter makes me a little nervous, because not only are our activities limited, but they can be derailed by bad weather or sick kids!  I've already noticed Noah wanting to watch more TV than usual, and I really would prefer to do more than watch YouTube clips of diggers all winter!

In hopes to keep us busy and having fun, I have a few playdates and classes lined up each week.  We have a playdate with 3 other moms/kids every Monday where we rotate who hosts each week.  We will go to Gymboree on Tuesday mornings and Music Class on Friday mornings.  I learned that the library does a reading time on Thursday mornings.  It's only 30 minutes long, but I may use the trip as an excuse to spend more time at the library with Noah.  Hopefully we won't have another super snowy winter and these activities won't be cancelled too often.

While these activities help us get out of the house each week, I also wanted to come up with some ideas to keep us entertained when at home too.  Noah enjoys doing crafts, so I want to capitalize on that.  I plan to come up with a themed craft (whether it's based on the season, holiday, or something random) each week for us to do together.  In addition to a more structured craft, I want to color and do more play-doh with him too!

Noah got some great interactive toys for Christmas.  I can just see him spending the afternoons playing at his train table or work bench.  He also got some new books and puzzles that I hope to spend some quiet time doing.   The Ikea kitchen is still one of Noah's favorite "toys".  I think we will have to have more pretend cooking/baking sessions and maybe even have lunch picnic style in the living room one day.

I've heard many people swear by taking extra baths during the winter months simply to entertain their kid for half an hour.  We have so many bath toys and even have some bath crayons that haven't been opened yet.  Since Noah just started liking baths again, I will definitely throw that into our routine.  I may even be inclined to blow some bubbles during bath time if it will help!

Since I still need to run errands and do chores around the house, I plan to get Noah more involved in the process.  He LOVES to help me do everything.  From putting the clothes into the washing machine, emptying the dishwasher, dusting & vacuuming, and helping me cook.  Instead of rushing through these tasks, I'd like to use them as an opportunity to teach him new things as well as keep us entertained on the long days stuck inside.   I might even let him help me bake more this winter... Noah loves my zucchini apple muffins and banana bread!

While playing out in the snow is more Chris' thing, I still want to get Noah outside in the fresh air some days.  We have the warm clothing, so on the more mild days, I want to make the effort to go for a walk or even go to the playground down the street.

I know that we will definitely watch more TV in the winter than we do in the summer, and honestly I'm okay with that.  I find that Noah learns a lot from the shows we watch and thankfully he's a fan of the more bearable TV shows out there (Bubble Guppies, Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Sesame Street).  I personally will consider this winter a success if Noah is still taking a daily nap at the end of it!

In case you are looking for some ideas to keep your toddler busy this winter, I made this list for easy reference :)

I would love to hear how you guys keep your toddlers busy during the winter and avoid cabin fever!  

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  1. Go to the Crayola Factory!?! That sounds like an awesome outing!!! Winters are definititely bit overwhelming with a toddler in tow, thankfully I live in an area where winters aren't that cold and don't last that long. Still too many "indoor" days involved. ;) Great suggestions!

  2. These are great ideas! I seriously struggle with trying to find things for Mason to do during the day on the weekends or if we have a day off together. I try to do some of the activities you suggest but they last for like 5 min lol. I always opt for going somewhere or to the park to actually distract him for a long period of time.

  3. I hear ya mama; this struggle is real! Luckily for us, we get chinooks rolling through often in the winter, making getting outside much more manageable. I love your list though! I will definitely be borrowing some of your ideas!!!

    Thanks again for another great post for the Saturday Spotlight. And congrats on being featured with your post from last week!!


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